Build-a-Burpee Challenge with Client Engagement [FREE white label resources]

Your White Label FREE RESOURCES of the week are up!  Our theme this week is on Building Client Engagement – and using my most popular engagement tool – CHALLENGES!!  We’re diving into this topic for our workouts, and also for our businesses …

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❤️‍ Ro’s Trainer Tip of the Week: Mastering the Art of Client Engagement- to keep the profits flowing!

💪🏻  The White Label EXERCISE EXPLAINER of the Week:  The Classic BURPEE!!

🎉  The White Label WORKOUT of the Week:  The Build-a-Burpee Challenge

🖥️  My TOP Client Engagement Challenges

Ro’s Trainer Tip of the Week: 

Mastering the Art of Client Engagement: Tips to Keep Your Clients Motivated & Accountable … with the Profits Continually Flowing!

❤️‍ Let’s face it, engaged clients are the lifeblood of your coaching business.  

The fitness world these days is FILLED with online programs & other coaches!  So how do YOU stand out? 

What makes clients want to stick with you for the long run – continually buying your memberships & programs, and bringing their friends along with them?

Your fitness business success truly comes down to your effective client engagement.   Really connecting with people – on a personal level.

But how to do this … especially through the computer?  

I dove deep into this topic in this week’s Trainer Tip Post – and I know I’ve already gotten amazing feedback from you guys on it!  If you haven’t read this post yet, be sure you do …

🔗 Read the full post here:  Ro’s Top Tips on Client Engagement >  

Your White Label EXERCISE EXPLAINER of the Week:  The Classic BURPEE!

When we talk about client engagement, there are SO many ways to stand out from the crowd of coaches.  And one of my favorite tools to use is everyone’s favorite … BURPEES!  Yes … I LOVE using BURPEES as a client engagement tool!

Building Client Engagement with Burpees:

Burpees are the PERFECT exercise to use to boost client engagement!  Challenge your clients to a burpee showdown. Whether it’s a daily burpee count or a timed challenge, setting goals and tracking progress adds an extra layer of motivation.

You can do burpee challenges 1-on-1, or rock it out in a group to really build community through engagement.  Plus, burpees are easily adaptable, so everyone can join in on the fun, no matter their fitness level.

That’s why I wanted to use the BURPEE as this week’s Exercise Explainer.   Check it out …

⚡  ReBrand & ReShare this Exercise Explainer …

 Learn more about HOW to coach a burpee, common mistakes, how to best incorporate them into your programming, AND grab the white label editable files to share this content as yours in your business!

🔗 Read the full post to learn more & grab your white label links for the BURPEE here > 

Love these explainers and want MORE??  I create 12 new explainers every single month, and share them with my #Fitspiration Monthly Content Club.  Learn more about the club here > 

Your White Label Workout of the Week: Build-a-BURPEE Challenge

Let’s pull all this together in this week’s White Label Workout.  I’m calling this one the BUILD-a-BURPEE CHALLENGE – and it’s so so fun!!

Here’s the low down …

It’s just 3 moves.  All building into a burpee.

  • Squats
  • Push ups
  • Burpees

The idea here is to start with 1 rep.  Then go to 2.  To 3 … and keep going!  How many reps can you & your crew get to?  

Check out the video to see the Build-a-Burpee Workout in action …

💡  Use this workout to build Client Engagement:

I recommend you challenge your crew to see how many they can do!  You can either host this challenge in a group – or – just 1-on-1.  Whatever works best for you.  But people LOVE challenges.  Use this workout and watch the engagement soar!

⚡ ReBrand & ReShare this workout to your crew …

As with each week, this resource is for YOU!  Click the links below to grab the white label editable files – drop in your own logo – update any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand – then share!  

🔗  Click to edit the white label BUILD-a-BURPEE in HORIZONTAL video >

🔗  Click to edit the white label BUILD-a-BURPEE in VERTICAL video >

Keep me posted and let me know how the challenge goes with YOUR crew!  I’d love to hear how they all do with it … 

Want even more Client-Engagement Challenges?

Do you know that I offer a full selection of white label, DONE FOR YOU Fitness Challenges right here at  These 21 day challenges are fully loaded with content pre-written post captions, and all the images & videos to go with them.  Each challenge even comes with pre-challenge marketing materials to help you stir up the buzz about your upcoming challenge.

My favorite challenge is BY FAR The GOLD STAR CHALLENGE!!  My engagement literally goes through the roof every time I host this challenge with my crew!  I’m always blown away by what people will do to earn a gold star sticker on a calendar, lol!!

And – I also have a full 21 day BURPEE Challenge, if you love burpees as much as I do!!

There’s a whole assortment of different challenges for you to choose from – all designed with the goal of helping YOU build client engagement. So if you’re looking to stir up some engagement with your crew, I highly recommend you check these out …

🔗 Click to Check out ALL the white label FITNESS CHALLENGE we offer >

Have you hosted any challenges with your crew?  What do you find works super well?  I’d love to hear as I’m looking for more ideas for upcoming challenges to build. Curious what’s working well for you? Let me know …

If there’s ever any special requests, feedback, questions, comments – I’m ALWAYS here for you.  Please reach out anytime!!  I’m here to help strategize for your business, or even just to chat.   I truly LOVE engaging with you.   I’m here in service to you.  To help you.  I’m on your team.  My door is open for you – always 🙂

Much love,

🩷 Xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist

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