The Power of Being REAL

Hi!  I’m Ro.  I’m a 46 year old mother of 3 teenagers, and the Founder & CEO of I’m not an Instagram model and I certainly don’t look like the perfect ‘#fitfluencer’. 

Yet – my workouts are shared by hundreds of coaches, and followed by thousands of people every day, all around the world. 


Because I’m real. 

With over a decade as a fitness coach, and 4 years running, here’s THE MOST important lesson I’ve learned …  

To succeed long term as a health coach, either in person and especially online, it is absolutely crucial to showcase the awesome & real YOU that you are. 

If you’re struggling in your business – I want you to really take a look at this concept, and see if it possibly applies to you.  So many of us are stuck in ‘imposter syndrome’ and living in a ‘fake‘ world.  Fake does not last long term and will not bring the results you’re after. 

For this week’s trainer tip, I really wanted to deep dive into a game-changing principle that can transform your coaching game and deepen your connection with your clients … the power of being REAL. 

In the world of fitness coaching, authenticity reigns supreme. It’s not about fitting into a mold or conforming to a certain image—it’s about being genuine, raw, and unapologetically YOU. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, embracing your authentic self is the key to building trust, fostering connection, and empowering your clients to achieve their goals.

I want you to think about something …

You’re scrolling through your social media feed, and amidst the perfectly curated feeds of fitness influencers, you stumble upon a coach who’s just like you. They’re not flaunting six-pack abs or showcasing flawless workout routines. Instead, they’re a similar age & shape to you … they’re sharing the highs and lows of their fitness journey with honesty and vulnerability.

Instantly, you feel a connection … a sense of kinship that transcends pixels on a screen.

That’s the magic of being real.

People don’t resonate with perfection; they resonate with authenticity. 

They want to see someone they can relate to, someone who understands their struggles and celebrates their victories, no matter how big or small. 

As a coach, when you show up as your authentic self, you become more than just a fitness guru.  You become a trusted ally, a source of inspiration, and a beacon of hope for your clients.

How do I KEEP IT REAL in my workout videos?

First off – I do not look like an instagram model, and I am TOTALLY OK WITH THAT!

Ok truth – Was I ok with this in the beginning? Honestly … NO! It was hard for me to be ok with my size and my look when I first started creating videos. I tried staying away from the cupcakes (so hard!!) and really watched what I ate. I worked out HOURS a day – dseperately trying to acheive a body I knew I just wasn’t going to. Then I realized – this is ME and my connections with my audience became SO MUCH BETTER when I became ok with that. Now I enjoy the cupcakes when I want to 🧁💞 This is me. And I’m real.

I keep my workouts REAL with NO editing.

Everything is done in one take. If I fail, which I do A LOT … it’s seen! If I need to drop my weights to finish, or get completely breathless – it’s all in there and seen. I am IN the workout with my participants. No edits. No fluff. No hiding anything. It’s all there. It’s real.

I’m at home – in my basement – with life all around!

I know that my workouts are used primarily for home workouts by my participants. So I want to be sure that my videos showcase that I’m exactly the same! I created a small studio in my basement where I record my videos. My puppy Molly is always with me – and she makes appearances in my videos, often. My kids are usually home and you sometimes hear them quietly in the backgroud.

I ensure nothing is distracting from the videos, but I leave it all in there … intentionally. I know the users on the other end have exactly the same things going on. I am just as real as they are. And they feel it. They connect. And they keep showing up for more.

If I can do it – so can they!

Here’s the thing …

Authenticity knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter if you’re a size zero or a plus size … if you’re in your twenties or your fifties … if you’re a seasoned athlete or a newbie to the gym. What matters is that you’re genuine, transparent, and unafraid to embrace your imperfections. Because let’s face it … we all have them!

As a coach, it’s SO IMPORTANT that you BE REAL.

When you share your own struggles and triumphs openly, you create a safe space for your clients to do the same. You show them that it’s okay to stumble, to fall, and to get back up again. You inspire them to embrace their own journey, knowing that you’re right there beside them every step of the way.

So … here’s to being REAL.

Here’s to embracing your authenticity unapologetically and showing up as the incredible coach that you are. Your clients deserve nothing less, and the impact you’ll make by being true to yourself is truly priceless.

WAIT! Hold up, Ro!  Hang on a moment! 

You’re the creator of  Isn’t your business built on having other coaches using YOUR workouts?  Doesn’t that go completely against all this REAL talk??

The answer … How I create my white label workouts … absolutely NOT!!  

The way I’ve designed my white label content is actually completely different than how most other white label content out there is created.  

My content is meant to still be delivered by ‘ME’ – you simply explain that I’m a coach working on your team.  We collaborate and work together. Which honestly we do! I am here for you every step of the way and I chat LOTS with most of my clients – supporting them along the way.

The content is never meant for you to claim that you’re me in the videos.

It’s still me in the videos as me, and you are still there as you supporting your clients.  Does that make sense?  

Basically the idea is that YOU do YOU and you still share the real you to your audience – to really connect with them. Then … you use my workouts to support you, saying that I am a member of your team.  We collaborate and collabs are KEY these days.  That way it’s the best of both worlds.  You still share YOU with your clients and deeply connect with them.  AND you use my workouts to help you save OODLES of time, stress, money and energy.

Win Win for all!

I’d really love to hear your thoughts on all this.  Do you agree that being REAL is super important in your business?  Do you struggle with ‘imposter syndrome’ and are trying to find people online to emulate?  Do you see the value in YOU being you?  Comment below – I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And hey – if you want to team up and have me help you by supplying the workout content (already done for you!) for your crew … check it all out at to discover a treasure trove of resources, tools, and support to help you thrive as a fitness coach. And remember, my door is always open for you … let’s chat anytime! 🚀

xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist

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