Welcome Agencies & Resellers …

Thank you for your interest in our ReSeller Program at WhiteLabelWorkouts.com

We offer a simple & convenient way to build a resellable online fitness business – that is quick & easy to set up, and profitable for you.

The first, and most important point on this plan is this – every reseller is unique.  Everyone is creating something totally different – and I love that. 

I am happy to work with you – to create a plan that makes sense with what you are building – that is easy for you to set up – and that is fair & profitable for both of us. 

I have worked with client’s from all different kinds of businesses – from wellness network marketing teams looking to add fitness into their team’s websites, to software developers selling full online fitness websites to clients.  

Each project is unique – with different content needs – and different payment plans.  I’m happy to work with you to build the perfect plan for you.

The Content:

You have 2 options for reseller content:

White label content:  This content comes as editable files (CANVA) and has YOUR LOGO HERE placeholders in tact.  This way either you, or your client, can go in and brand all the content specifically to them.  Then download all the branded content and use it in websites however you’d like.

OR …

Generic content:  This has all the logo placeholders removed.  You will receive 1 spreadsheet with all of the content in links that you can quickly & easily upload to client’s sites.  This is the fastest method and is very duplicatable. 

All the workout videos are already loaded into a generic youtube account, no work needed for that on your end. The PDFs need downloading, but they are fully ready for you – no editing needed.  It’s ready to go right out of the box.

With the reseller program, you have both options available to you – either white label OR generic content.  Or both 🙂    We can discuss which works better for your project.

Payment Options:

I am happy to work with you to create a payment plan that makes sense with what you are building.  Typically, my resellers purchase licenses to the full content suite, our Fitness Business Blueprint with ALL the program, and we get creative with the payment of it.

Option #1:  Each ReSale Purchases their own License

With this option – you will purchase another license to the content for each new resale client you get.   Then, you are welcome to re-sell that license to your client for whatever amount you would like over and above what you pay me.  Package it with a website, your services, or whatever you’d like to do with it.  

You will need to let me know each domain that is using the content, and purchase a separate Blueprint / license for them.  

This is a 1-time fee to me (per resale client) and you can re-charge your client whatever you would like.  You can bring me unlimited clients – just with each one you will need to purchase another Blueprint / License.

Discounts are available for multiple licenses purchased at a time.

Option #2:  Upfront Lump Sum with Monthly Royalty Fees

Depending on the price point of what you plan on building, this option makes more sense for some.  If you are charging your clients a smaller monthly fee, rather than a larger upfront sum, this may be the option for you.  This also is the better option if you plan on getting LOTS of resale sites.  It is easier to manage just paying 1 monthly royalty fee, rather than constantly purchasing new licenses from me.

Basically how it works:

You purchase 5 Blueprint licenses from me upfront – at a discounted rate & payment plans are available, if needed.  

Simply let me know the first 5 domains that these will apply to.   Those first 5 licenses will be royalty free for life.

Then, all other licenses beyond the 5, you will pay a monthly royalty fee, at an agreed upon % amount of your sales that makes sense for both of us.  

You will send me a report each month with all the active licensee domains – and the royalty fee.

Option #3:  Open to discuss

If neither of the above options make sense for your business, I am totally open to working with you and figuring out what does make sense.  

As stated at the beginning – every reseller that I work with is unique.  I am more than happy to work with you and create a solution that is fair & profitable for both of us.  Reach out with your ideas and we’ll make it happen.

Looking forward to partnering with you,

Book a Discovery Call and let’s discuss your project.