The 24 Workout:  Your White Label Workout of the Week

Hey crew!

Sooo .. how was week 1 of 2024?   I hope that this year is already treating you well.  That you’ve got your goals locked & loaded for the year.  That your plan is laid out – and you’re ready to go for it – all in.  

Now is such an exciting time in our industry.  Your future is so bright here.  Just decide.  Decide that you’re going to go for it.  Decide that you’re going to put in the work.  Decide that you’re going to step up and make shizz happen!  Decide that it’s worth it.  Decide that you’re worth it!

Then get into ACTION.  Put in place the steps needed to get you where you want to go.

And I’m here to help … wherever you need.

Need a content boost?  (we all can use a helping hand when it comes to content creation, right?!)  I’ve got you covered with this week’s white label workout …

The 24 Workout (white label)

Your workout this week is a set of 4 moves – 24 reps each – repeated 4 times.  I call it The 24 Workout!  The perfect workout to celebrate the first week of 2024!

This is a total body session – and requires a medium set of dumbbells. 

The 4 moves in this workout are:

  • Squat press
  • Lunge curls
  • Renegade Rows 
  • Roll back twists

Check out the video to see the workout in action …

BRAND this workout to YOU [FREE Resource]

As with each week, this content is here for YOU. For YOU to brand as your own and share in your business.  It’s so easy to do …

The links below take you to CANVA (free account needed).  Choose if you prefer horizontal or vertical formats:

Click to edit & download the workout in HORIZONTAL mode >

Click to edit & download the workout in VERTICAL mode >

Make any edits you’d like!  Add your own logo – change any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand, and make any other modifications you’d like to suit your needs.  

Be sure to modify the last screen and add in a promo to whatever you’re currently ‘selling’.  (You’re sharing free content with this workout … so it’s the perfect time to ask your crew to take another step and go deeper into your offerings.)

Once your edits are done, download the video and share away!

Easy peezy.  But if you ever need any help with it, I’m just an email away.  Reach out anytime and I’m happy to help.

January is HERE!

NOW is the time to be really RAMPING things up!  It’s Resolution time!  Yes – the 1st has come & gone … but many people took this past week off to enjoy the rest of their holiday.  A lot of people are just now coming back from vacay and getting back to life.

THIS WEEK is a KEY week to really set up your whole 2024!

How are you doing with your content strategy?  Do you have your social media content prepped and ready to blast out?  Do you have your online fitness programs ready to send out to your clients?  Do you have your business set up and ready to really capitalize on the boom that IS happening?

If there’s anything at all I can do to help – I’m here for you.

Need social media content?  I’ve got you.

Need online fitness programs?   I’ve got a suite of programs already built and ready for you to share with your clients and SELL – putting cash in your pocket – TODAY!

Need a full Blueprint to massively build & scale your online fitness business?  It’s here and already done for you.

I invite you to visit to see exactly how using pre-made, white label workout content can help YOU build your business quicker, bigger, better, faster, easier, and more profitable than you ever dreamed possible.  

I’m here for you – as your online fitness specialist.  All my content is designed for you to share, saying that I’m the online fitness specialist on YOUR team.  Simply say that we work together.  That we collaborate.  That way to makes perfect sense that it’s me in the videos.  This method works so well for all the coaches that use it.

Got questions?  Let’s plan a zoom call and chat personally.  I’d love to get to know you – learn more about the business you’re creating – and see how we can collaborate to make it even better.  Reply back and let me know 3 times in the next week that works for you for this call, and let’s set it up!

2024 is YOUR year.  It’s YOUR time.  It’s time to make your life, your business, your health EXTRAORDINARY!   But I get it – it’s hard to do this alone.  Here’s the thing – You don’t have to.  I’m here and happy to help – every step of the way.  Reach out anytime and let’s strategize how we can make this year the biggest, best, and most EPIC year EVER for you!!  

Let’s chat soon,

Xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your online fitness specialist