The Classic BURPEE: Your White Label Exercise Explainer of the Week

We’re unleashing the beast with this week’s White Label Exercise Explainer: the legendary, the unstoppable… the Burpee! 🎉👹💥

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What exactly is a Burpee?

Think of the burpee as the ultimate full-body blast-off! Start by squatting down, kick your feet back into a plank, throw in a push up (if you’re feeling spicy), then jump your feet back into a squat and launch up into the air. That’s one rep down, and your energy? Skyrocketing! 🚀

There are TONS of options with burpees!!

Check out the video to see the explainer in action …

Let’s dive into some specifics on how to coach burpees …

Coaching Cues:

  • Stay in the Flow: Smooth transitions between each burpee phase keep the momentum going.
  • Core Activation: Keep those abs tight during the plank phase for stability and strength.
  • Land Like a Ninja: Soft landings reduce impact and protect your joints.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Plank Neglect: Skipping the plank cheats your core out of a killer workout.
  • Thunderous Landings: Landing too hard can lead to unnecessary strain, so aim for grace over gravity.
  • Rush Hour: Slow down and focus on form – quality reps trump quantity every time.

Modifications and Intensifications:

  • Beginners: Start with modified burpees by stepping back into a plank instead of jumping. You can even elevate your hands on a bench to modify even more.
  • Low Impact, High Intensity: For those with joint concerns, try a no-jump burpee with a calf raise instead of a jump.
  • Intensify: Amp up the intensity by adding a burpee to a jump squat or a burpee to a tuck jump for an extra challenge.

Incorporating Burpees into Your Workout Programming:

Burpees are the ultimate versatile exercise! Use them as a standalone cardio burner, incorporate them into a HIIT circuit for a full-body blast, or sprinkle them throughout your strength training routine for an added kick. The possibilities are endless! 🔥

Building Client Engagement with Burpees:

Burpees are the PERFECT exercise to use to boost client engagementChallenge your clients to a burpee showdown! Whether it’s a daily burpee count or a timed challenge, setting goals and tracking progress adds an extra layer of motivation.

You can do burpee challenges 1-on-1, or rock it out in a group to really build community through engagement.  Plus, burpees are easily adaptable, so everyone can join in on the fun, no matter their fitness level.

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