Health & Fitness Coaches from around the Globe trust our White Label Workouts to provide a Content Boost & help Develop their Online Fitness Businesses.

You’d easily spend over $5000 in technology, numerous hours, and tons of stress & headaches each & every month to try to create all this content on your own. 

Now, you get all the content you need to promote your online fitness business, AND make sales all day (and night) long! Build your business quicker, faster, easier than you ever thought possible.  Become more successful with each month. 

  • We’ve already invested in the technology
  • We’ve already built the studio 
  • We’re already designing, filming & editing all the workout videos & programs
  • We’ve already built the system and are creating even more new content for YOU each and every month

It’s all DONE FOR YOU – Just slap on your own logo, share and SELL! It IS that Easy!

Monthly content calendar

Never again question what to post on social media.  Follow this schedule – and share posts we provide you with each month.  Just copy & paste.  It’s that simple?  YUP!

Lead Magnet eBook 

Offering informative and engaging eBooks to your audience is such a great way to capture new leads and build credibility with them! We supply you with these eBooks, already done for you, each month!

Workout Video Programs

Turn these programs to PROFITS each month!  You’ll get a set of new full length, follow along workout videos every month!  This is content for you to SELL and put profits in your pockets!!

Monthly LIVE Group Coaching Call

You’re never going at this alone!  Each month Ro goes LIVE with updates on the monthly content – and answers any & all questions personally.  We’re here as a team – supporting each other to fitness business growth.

Ok – so I’m not much of a Football fan – but I do know this.  Football is a game of strategy – and the team that has the best strategy, wins.  And where is the team’s strategy?  It’s fully documented in their PLAYBOOK.  Successful football teams focus on their PLAYBOOKS.  

Collins dictionary describes a playbook as:  a notebook containing descriptions of all the plays and strategies used by a team, often accompanied by diagrams, issued to players for them to study and memorize before the season begins.

That’s EXACTLY what the Fitness Business Monthly Playbook is.

It’s your ‘PLAYS’ for the month. It includes:

  • Your social media content for the month. 
  • Your lead magnet to attract new qualified prospects to you.  To engage with them. 
  • And – your workout program content to SELL through the month.  
  • PLUS!  A team & crew to support you in your business every step of the way.

New Content Added EVERY Month …

 Alright – let’s break it all down and show you exactly what’s coming at you each and every month in your Fitness Business PLAYBOOK …

#1:  Your Monthly Content Calendar

Each month you’ll get a new set of posts to share.  You can share these on social media, on your blog, website or app, in a newsletter, or wherever you’d like a content boost for your business.

Monday:  #MotivationMonday posts – with a quote card (image), and a pre-written caption to share. 

Tuesday:  #ExerciseExplainer posts – where we go into detail teaching HOW TO do a new exercise.  You’ll get image, horizontal & vertical videos to choose from.

Wednesday:  #Workout Wednesday – You’ll get workout videos (in summary form) to blast out!  These come in both horizontal AND vertical form – choose which works best for you.

Thursday:  Share a personal story or a testimonial from a client

Friday:  #TrainerTip – Educational posts on a relevant health topic.  Comes with an image and pre-written caption.

NOTE: We will always look at the month ahead and supply you with the perfect amount of content that you’ll need.  Our content gets released to you each month on the 20th … giving you 10 days to edit and get ready to start sharing on the 1st of the next month.  We supply you with the perfect amount of content to make it through to the next month.

#2:  eBook Lead Magnet

Each month a new eBook is released with your content.

Topics are relevant health topics – anything from sleep, to nutrition, to workout tips, and mindset and beyond! Each month is a new health focused topic.

These are super detailed and informative eBooks – delivered in an engaging way – guaranteed to teach your audience new tips & tricks.

eBooks come in CANVA – easy to add your own branding and styling, then share as your own!

Perfect for lead magnets … freebies … newsletters … to bundle with other products … or to share with clients.

#3: LIVE Coaching & Support Calls

Each month, around the 20th (you will be emailed in advance each month of the exact day & time), Ro goes LIVE to discuss the month’s content, share any updates & announcements, and answer your questions personally.  

You will never feel lost or alone with all the content. There IS a team here with you. We’re all in this together.

#4:  a new BLOCK RELEASE in the JOURNEY TO FIT Online Workout Program

Becoming FIT truly IS a Journey.  It’s not a quick fix.  It’s not something that happens in 4 , 6 or 8 weeks.  Being FIT is a lifestyle.  It’s a lifelong, ongoing  journey.  And that really is what the JOURNEY TO FIT is all about.  It’s about the journey.

Each month you’ll get 5 new, full length, follow along workout videos.  Each video is about 20-30 minutes long – and will follow the proven body split formula:  Lower, Upper, Core, Total, Active Recovery.

You can use just the 5 each month as a standalone workout program, OR, you can mix things up as you get more and more blocks with each month.  You can take a lower workout from 1 month, an upper workout from another, and so on.  Or mix it up weekly.  You have full freedom to play around with the order in which you deliver the blocks to your clients.

Each month’s blocks will have a different protocol, so they will feel different and new.  But – they still follow the same format, so you can easily interchange & rearrange them.  Content will always feel fresh to your clients.  

Recommended to sell this content as a MEMBERSHIP to your clients.  Yup – helping YOU build residual income, baby!! For pricing, you’ll have to test it out to see what works with your market, but we recommend between $19-49 a month.  If you bundle it with other services, you could even charge more!!  ONGOING, monthly payments from your crew.  And we’ve done all the work creating the content for you!

Unlock premium fitness content! Over $5000 in technology to create … plus $600 in new content each month … all for just $99 a month. Cancel anytime.

BUT WAIT … There’s more

Get INSTANT ACCESS to these Welcome FREEBIE Bonuses …

New content gets released every 20th of the month … but I know that no one likes to wait until then, right? 

So, we want to unlock some AMAZING welcome bonuses for you … right here, right now!  

Yes … you’ll get INSTANT access to the following content:

#Fitspiration EXERCISE EXPLAINER & WORKOUT Pack:  Instant Access Bonus ($79 value)

Your #Fitspiration Welcome Pack Bonus comes with:

  • 24 Exercise Explainers (in both IMAGE and VIDEO)
  • 16 Workout Summary Videos
  • PDF Downloadables: 8 week workout calendar AND tracking sheets

It’s all in CANVA files – easy to add your own branding and share!

Use this content on social media, blogs, newsletters, in a client area, or anywhere else you could use workouts & exercise explainers.

Valued at $78 (free, instant access with your Playbook membership today)

eBook Bundle:  Instant Access Bonus ($149 value)

Your eBook Welcome Pack Bonus comes with:

  • Healthy Habit Guide & Tracker
  • Fit Test Guide & Tracker
  • Ultimate Stretching Guide

It’s all in CANVA files – easy to add your own branding and share!

Use this content on blogs, newsletters, bundled with other products, as lead magents, customer packs, or any other way you could use an informative & educational content piece.

Valued at $149 (free, instant access with your Playbook membership today)

TAKE5 Video Workout Program: Instant Access Bonus ($199 value)

TAKE 5 is a series of 5 Minute BURNOUT workouts. Use these workouts for the clients who want an extra burnout after they finish their sessions … or for those who are very short on time!

  • Difficulty: All Levels
  • Workout length: 5 minutes
  • Workouts per week: as many as needed / wanted
  • Program length: ongoing
  • Equipment: dumbbells and loop resistance bands
  • Includes: 10 targeted 5-minute workout videos that can be done anytime, anywhere. Warm up, Activate, Lower, Upper, Core, Booty, Shoulders, Cardio, Total Body, & Yoga.

Get Instant Access with your PLAYBOOK Membership

Over $5000 in technology to create … plus $600 in new content each month … plus $427 in welcome bonuses.  Total value is $5,427 + $600/mth.  Unlock premium fitness content for just $99 a month. Cancel anytime (and keep all the welcome bonuses as a thank you for trying us out!)


Register for INSTANT ACCESS: for your PLAYBOOK and get INSTANT ACCESS to all the welcome bonuses!  (Over $400 in content!)


CUSTOMIZE YOUR CONTENT:  Hop into your member’s area and download the month’s content.  All downloads go to CANVA (free account needed) where you can quickly & easily do your edits.  Drop in your logo, adjust any fonts, colors or styling to match your brand, then save.

Share & SELL!

SHARE YOUR CONTENT:  Use your content to wherever you need the content boost and watch your traffic and sales soar! Social media content to attract & engage with your audience, and full video programs to SELL! 

New Content

NEW MONTHLY CONTENT:  On the 20th of each month, new content gets unlocked (for active members from the 21st of the month prior to the current 20th).

Cancel at any time!  

IMPORTANT! Please be sure to follow our CAN’s and CAN NOT rules as stated in our TERMS OF USE.  The biggest one is that you CANNOT share the full length follow along videos on any public site.  They MUST be behind a log-in member area.  Summary videos, or clip style videos, which we clearly list as social media content CAN be shared on any social or public site – but the full length ones that come in the programs cannot. We are always just a message away if you’re unsure …

Hi! I’m Ro …

The Online Fitness Specialist & CEO at

Over 10 years ago, I fell in love with fitness. As a previously overweight and unhealthy web designer who just sat at my computer all day … I heard the news that ‘sitting is the new smoking’. With my 3 kids watching me, I knew I needed to make a change. I stepped away from the computer and started to get active … I got hooked … and never looked back!

Today I’m completely obsessed with all things relating to fitness and nutrition. My passion is developing world-class workout programs, along with full done-for-you systems to help other coaches build profitable online business.

How did come to life?

When the world changed and gyms closed down a few years ago – fitness pros were forced to adapt in order to stay working. We had to quickly learn how to succeed online, in an ever changing environment.

Some coaches figured it out, and their businesses exploded. Some coaches quit. Others wanted to make it work, but really struggled to pivot – to navigate, learn & grow online.

I was able to figure it out – and to master a system of building online workout programs that clients engage with, stick with, and get results from!

Other coaches started contacting me … asking if we could team up … so they too could use my videos. They asked if I could share them, white label.

Honestly … I didn’t even know what ‘white label’ meant!

But I figured if I could help other coaches be successful, then I’m all in!

Yes, the world has settled down now and gyms have opened up again … but our industry is forever changed.

Online Fitness is Here to Stay. And I’m committed to helping coaches build their profitable online presence.

Read MORE about Ro and her story here …

Reach your Full Business Potential Today! 

Total value is $5,427 + $600 a month

Get your Playbook … with all the welcome bonuses and a constant flow of new content … unlock it ALL for just $99 a month. Cancel anytime.