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Hey fellow Health & Fit Pros!

Hope you’re doing amazing – and having fun rocking into the holiday spirit!  Planksgiving is in FULL SWING here at … 

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  • Compiling the biggest list of plank variations … ever!  (I need your help with it!)
  • This week’s white label workout of the week:  Total LIFT & PLANK
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Building the PLANK LIST!

So I decided I wanted to do something SUPER FUN!  I wanted to compile the BIGGEST list of plank variations … ever!

Planks can be done a MILLION ways!  

Let’s collaborate on this … get super creative and together build the biggest list of plank variations!

I’ll get the list started.  Then … I’d love to hear what other planks YOU can add to this list.  

Here we go …

  1. High plank
  2. Low plank
  3. Side plank
  4. Reverse plank
  5. Plank shoulder taps
  6. Plank leg lifts
  7. Plank to downward dog
  8. Plank to beast
  9. Plank alternating knee tucks (mountain climbers)
  10. Plank twisted knee tucks
  11. Plank oblique knee pulls
  12. Hip dips
  13. Plank rockers
  14. Side plank openers
  15. Thread the needle
  16. Plank Rows (renegade rows)
  17. Plank Dumbbell drags
  18. Plank side punches
  19. Plank forward reaches
  20. Plank swimmers
  21. High Low Plank
  22. Plank jacks
  23. Side plank dips
  24. Side plank crunch

Yeay – I got 24.  I know there are MANY more! 

I’d love to see how big we can get this list, collaborating together on it.  Comment below OR email me at and send me your plank variations. Next week I’ll blast out the bigger list.  

Together, can we make it to 50?  I bet we can!  But I need your help.  Reply back and send over your planks!

The White Label Workout of the Week:

And now … let’s dive into this week’s  White Label Workout of the Week … continuing the PLANKGIVING theme …

🏋️ Total LIFT & PLANK Workout: Unleash the Power!

Check out the video to see this week’s workout in action …

Get ready to elevate your fitness game with our latest workout – LIFT & PLANK! This week’s routine combines the strength-building magic of full-body lifts with the core-engaging intensity of plank variations. You’ll need your trusty dumbbells for this one.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Superset 1: Squat clean & press + Plank dumbbell drags
  • Superset 2: Rotating lunge curls + Side plank dumbbell openers
  • Superset 3: Hinge & fly + Weighted plank dips

Do each move for 10 reps, then repeat each superset three times. It’s a total-body burner designed to leave you feeling strong, energized, and ready to conquer anything!

Coaches … here’s the fun part!  As we do every week, these white label workouts are for you to ‘STEAL!’ 🕵️‍♀️   Rebrand them, make them your own, and share them with your crew. 

Yes – it’s me in the videos .. simply let them know we’re in this together, building and collaborating to elevate the fitness experience.  People love a good collab as much as they love a good plank 🙂

We’re collaborating on building the plank list, right?  So we can collaborate in these workouts too 🙂  

How to Grab Your Workout:

Simply click on the links below.  You can choose vertical or horizontal format.  The links take you to CANVA (free account needed).  Edit away to make them your own.  Add your logo – feel free to change up any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand.  You can even adjust the final screen to promote whatever ‘next step’ you’d like your crew to take.  Selling a service or program?  Add it in here.

Click here to edit & download the LIFT & PLANK workout in HORIZONTAL format >

Click here to edit & download the LIFT & PLANK workout in VERTICAL format >

Yes – it’s completely FREE for you to use this workout in your business.  All I ask is that you reply back and send me some feedback on it, k?  I use your feedback to help improve the workouts, and cater them to your needs.  We truly DO collaborate 🙂

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