Kicking off Planksgiving with a white label Cardio Plank Superset workout – AND some special gifts!

Wowzers – can you believe November is here?! The crazy season is just about upon us … bringing us closer to the holidays & resolutions time.  Are you ready for it?

But first .. let’s get into the spirit of Thanksgiving 🍂🦃 … with a white label workout & a couple of special gifts for you …

In this issue:

  • November series:  It’s all about Planksgiving!!
  • Benefits of PLANKS
  • This week’s White label Workout: … Cardio Plank Supersets
  • FREE GIFT!!  7 Day Planks & Thanks Challenge (white-label)
  • Black Friday sale has come early with a secret code – just for you!

November Series:  It’s all about Planksgiving!

Yes – it’s true – I’m Canadian and we celebrated our Thanksgiving a few weeks ago … but November still just feels like the true Thanksgiving.  Oh what has society done to us, lol!

So for our series this month, we’re focusing on everything PLANKS!

AND … be sure to read to the end of this post as I have TWO special gifts for you 🙂


Ooooo … I do love planks … they really are the rockstar of all exercises!  Of all the ways to train the core, none compare to the awesomeness of the PLANK!  Here’s why …

🎉 Full-Core Fiesta:

Planks are the ultimate core bash! 💃 They invite all your core muscles to the party – your six-pack muscles, obliques, and even the lower back gang. Get ready to have a blast while building a balanced and robust midsection.

🕺 Posture Perfect:

Say goodbye to slouchy posture and hello to standing tall! 🚀 Planks make your core muscles strong enough to keep your spine in line, reducing back pain and making you look and feel awesome.

🤸‍♀️ Functionality at Its Best:

Life’s a series of movements, from lifting stuff to keeping your balance. A strong core from planks is like a cheat code for these daily challenges. Get ready to level up! 🎮

🌬️ Joint-Friendly and Easy-Breezy:

No joint strain here! Planks are as gentle as a breeze, making them perfect for everyone. Plus, they’re easy to tweak to fit your fitness level.

🎭 Mix and Match Fun:

Variety is the spice of plank life! You can mix and match with side planks, forearm planks, or leg lifts to keep things fresh and exciting. 🎶

Quick ‘n’ Easy:

Planks fit into even the busiest schedules. They’re so quick and effective, you can sneak them in anytime, anywhere!

💥 Core Stamina Showoff:

Feeling the burn and loving it! Planks build your core stamina, making you a powerhouse in your workouts and daily activities.

Do you agree –  Planks are awesome! And … who doens’t LOVE a good plank.  They can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone!

And that is why, all our workouts through November (Planksgiving season) are going to be centered around planks …

The White Label Workout of the Week:  Cardio Plank Superset

Let’s get the PLANK PARTY started with this week’s White Label Workout … Cardio Plank Superset!

  • There are 3 supersets in this workout. 
  • Each has 2 moves – A cardio move, followed by a plank move.  
  • Alternate the 2 moves, 30 seconds each, and repeat 3 times.  
  • Rest for 60 seconds, then move to the next superset.

Watch the video to see the workout in action …

Want to share the Planking fun with YOUR crew? 

These white label workouts that I post each week are meant for you to ‘steal’.  Brand them as your own and share away with your crew!

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Small favor – for those who do share these workouts.  Email me and let me know how it goes, k?  I love getting your feedback …

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xoxoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist