PULSE: The White Label Workout of the Week [FREE Coach Resource]

The White Label Workout of the Week is UP: It’s called PULSE!  We’re playing with our range of motion in this session.  This is workout #3 from our series on our top ways to UP the Intensity withOUT upping the weights.

In this article:

  • How to play with ROM (Range of Motion)
  • VIDEO of the Workout of the Week
  • Links & instructions on how to BRAND & share this week’s workout AS YOUR OWN
  • Invite to CANVA training

UPPING the Intensity!

There are so many effective ways to UP the intensity without Upping the weights.  This week is our 3rd training on this … and I am loving this series!  As most of our clients are working out at home, many of them don’t have the option of lifting heavier to increase intensity.  So this series is packed with options to help your clients in other creative & effective ways.

In case you missed the start of this series, click the links below for a refresher …

Week 3 is Playing with ROM to up the intensity.  Here’s why this method works so well:

Enhanced Muscle Recruitment: When you change up the range in a movement,  it engages different muscle fibers, resulting in more comprehensive muscle development.  Boom – muscle growth!

Increased Endurance:  Varying the ROM challenges your stamina, pushing you to work harder and build better endurance over time.  Cranking up the sweat!

Mental Engagement: It takes more focus to change up the ROM. So this tool keeps your mind engaged, reducing workout boredom and promoting consistency.  All good things, right??!!

Some OPTIONS on HOW to play with range of motion:

I like to think about dividing the move into parts.  There’s a lower ½, and upper ½, and then full range.  And frankly everything in between!  Go crazy playing with different ROMs.

Just work the lower OR the upper for full sets of reps.  Ie – 10 reps just the bottom part of the move.  

A great example of this is called 21s.  21s basically work the bottom for 7 reps … then the top for 7 reps … then full range for 7 reps.  21s in bicep curls is a classic example of upping the intensity in a move.  Try it!  You’ll see (and FEEL!) what I’m talking about!!

Another option is to add in a PULSE.  And that’s actually what we’re doing in this week’s workout.  Basically, you do a ½ range, then a full range – and that counts as 1 rep.  

It takes focus.  It builds strength & endurance.  It’s AWESOME!

Check out the video to see this week’s PULSE workout in action:

There are 5 moves in this workout:

  • Squat, squat jump
  • Shoulder press
  • Lunge, lunge jump
  • Bicep curls
  • Renegade rows

Each move has a PULSE to it.  Each move is ½ range, then full range for 1 rep.  

10 reps total per move – repeat 3 times

Want to brand this work to you and share it as your own in your business? 

This is a FREE RESOURCE that I share each week with health & wellness coaches … you’re welcome to use it.

Click for the links below to grab the editable files for this workout in both horizontal AND vertical modes:

Edit & Download the PULSE Workout in HORIZONTAL mode >

Edit & Download the PULSE Workout in VERTICAL mode >

The links take you to Canva where you can make any edits you’d like.  Replace the logo placeholder with your logo – then feel free to change any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand.  Update the last screen to whatever you’re currently promoting (hello easy monetizing!!).  Save it & share it!


I use CANVA for EVERYTHING in my online fitness business.  And with it, I’ve created a whole suite of white label workout products to help other coaches quickly & easily build their online fitness business – and make money from it!  

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And … Stay tuned next week for more in our series of increasing our intensity without increasing our weights.  What’s your favorite way to ramp things up?  I’d love to hear … comment back .

Questions … comments … feedback?  I love hearing from you.  Reach out anytime!

Keep slayin’ it!
Xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist

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