The Up & Down Challenge: Your White Label Workout of the Week

Hey Coaches,

Okie – if your email box looks anything like mine, you are being inundated right now leading into Black Friday …

And there’s a good reason for it.  

NOW is GAME ON mode for businesses!  

Especially online fitness businesses.  NOW is the time to CRANK THINGS UP!!  We go from Thanksgiving … into the Holidays … and right into New Years and RESOLUTIONS!  

Is YOUR business set up and ready for the BOOM?

I’m here to help and ensure you’re set to maximize your business potential through this key season.  Let’s do it together …

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I’m keeping things shorter and sweeter today, as I know we’re all CRAZY busy right now.  So let’s just dive right in …

Your white label workout of the week is here … and I am SO in LOVE with this one!

This is truly the simplest – yet most challenging – workout yet. 

It’s only 2 moves …

  • 10 burpees
  • 30 second plank

Check out the video to see the workout in action:

There’s a catch to this workout …  

It’s as many rounds as possible – until you need to rest.

Encourage your crew to KEEP GOING!  Challenge them.   How many rounds can they do?  How long can they keep going?  

Here’s a tip .. Tell them when they get tired and think they’re done .. to do 1 more round!  I bet some will go for 2 more rounds, after they think they’re done.  Tell them to blow their own mind with their awesomeness and how far they can get. 

Yes ..   modifications or intensifications are encouraged to suit their fitness level.  Jump or step through the burpees.  Add a push up at the bottom or even a tuck jump up top.  Tell your crew to ‘make it your own’.  For the plank – again make it their own.  High, low, from knees or toes.  Whatever suits their fitness level.  

The challenge is on.  How many rounds will they do?  Push until they’re done … and then go a little more!


Click the links below to be taken to CANVA (free account needed) where you can edit these videos to make them your own.  Drop in your logo, update any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand, then share away!

Click here to edit & download this workout in VERTICAL mode >

Click here to edit & download this workout in HORIZONTAL mode >

YES!  This is a completely FREE service for you to use.  It’s my pleasure to create these workouts for you each & every week to help you provide value and content to your crew.

All I ask in return – I love getting your feedback.  Reply back anytime with questions, comments, or any feedback you get on the workouts.  This feedback helps me to do & create better – for YOU 🙂

Alright … moving along …

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