Shoulders & Core: Your White Label Workout of the Week

Welcome to the final workout in our 4 week LIFTing series.  This has been a really fun series of Triple Set burnouts – all focusing on lifting through specific muscle group splits.  Today we’re finishing up with the series with my favorite muscle grouping – shoulders & core!  Whoop whoop!

In case you missed them, here’s a recap of the first 3 workouts:

Week 1 – Leg Day >

Week 2 – Chest & Back >

Week 3 – Biceps & Triceps >

Let’s get into week 4 – Shoulders & core! 

Oooooo do YOU love shoulders & core as much as I do??  Shoulders & core go really well together .. and it’s so important to work on both of these.  For looks, yes … but also for strength, posture, mobility and more.  They are your center – and so important to train – for functional strength, and just to make your daily activities safer & more efficient. 

There are 2 triple sets in this workout.  Watch the video to see it in action …

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Grab your editable links:  (you’ll be taken to CANVA to edit…)

Click to edit & download your HORIZONTAL workout video >

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As we talked about in last week’s email, the last screen in this workout asks the viewer to take action – and ask about your LIFT program.  This is here to help all of you who have purchased the LIFT white label workout program.  I provide you with all the marketing materials & lead magnets, in addition to all the client programming workout videos,  to help walk you through the full sale of your programs.  

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Why do I create these videos, every single week, and give them away for free?  .

Yes – it’s because I love doing it for you 🙂  But also I do it in the hopes that when you decide you DO need some extra fitness content, that you’ll consider my white label programs.  I have a full suite of programs, challenges, and our incredibly valuable Fitness Business Blueprint.  Check them out anytime at

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Now – go grab your workout for this week – make your edits – and ROCK IT out 🙂

Have the bestest week ever!!

Xo  ~ Ro  ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist