Iso Banded Booty – Your White Label Workout of the Week

I hope you’re having an amazing weekend! I’m excited to bring you this week’s white label workout … it’s all about the BOOTY … using isometric movements and bands.  Yup – It’s epic booty burner that your crew is going to love!

Introducing the ‘ISO Banded Booty’ workout – a targeted routine designed to burn and build glute strength. We’re working isometric movements – meaning we’re working each ‘cheek’ separately to really intensify & feel the results!

Watch the video to see it in action …

The moves in this week’s white label workout are:

  • Supported Deadlift
  • Squat Side Lift
  • Straight Leg Lifts
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Single Leg Glute Bridges

Reps and Sets: Blast out 12 reps on each side for every move, and then repeat the circuit 3 times. 

Brand this Workout to YOU:

The beauty of our white label workouts is that they’re fully customizable to suit your preferences and brand. 

Click the links below to download your workout resources. Add your logo, play around with fonts and colors to match your unique style, and make it your own! Once you’re satisfied, share it with your friends, family, or clients. The possibilities are endless!

Click here to download your ISO Banded Booty Workout in HORIZONTAL mode

Click here to download your ISO Banded Booty Workout in VERTICAL mode

Note – I have made a change to the vertical template – I am not including music in the file as when we upload to stories & reels it is best to add the music from there for added social ‘juice’.  I also changed up the look a bit to make full screen vertical – as this again is best for sharing as reels.

Go grab your workout files … add your branding … and share away!  Let’s all feel the burn, embrace the challenge, and crush those glute gains together!

Updates from the White Label Workouts Studio:

Our AFFILIATE program is officially launching on Tuesday!  Be watching for an email from me on Tuesday with instructions for how you can grab your affiliate links.  This is such an easy way to put $600 in your pocket – PER sale!!  Deets come out on Tuesday!

Also on Tuesday – I’ll be launching a brand new website!  This has been a journey – and a story is coming along with it!  Entrepreneurship can definitely be a HOT MESS sometimes – and I have been feeling it lately, lol!!  Clarity is key.  Consistency is key.  Sanity is key!  Stay tuned for my HOT MESS story coming next week – along with the new site launch.


The 10 Minute Hiit White Label Workout Program  is currently getting an upgrade!  Blueprint members – your 2.0 upgrade will automatically be added into your accounts on the 20th .. with full release to the public on Sept 1.


That’s it from me for today – LOTS in the works.  LOTS of awesome to help you BUILD & BOOM online!  

Reply back anytime with questions, comments, feedback.  I’m always here to chat!Stay awesome!!
Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist