Day 1: The 12 Days of Fitmas Deals Starts Now at! 

Hey, coaches! 

🎁🏋️‍♂️ YEAY!!  Day 1 of the 12 Days of FITmas Deals from is here – and I couldn’t be more excited!!  This is going to be SO SO fun!!  ✨🎄💪

Each day, over the next 12 days, I’m going to be bringing you an EPIC daily deal – sharing our top products.  These are all hand picked resources – all our best sellers that have helped hundreds of coaches from around the globe build their coaching businesses to new levels!

These products are all designed to help YOU build YOUR online business.  To help you attract your ideal audience – engage & connect with them – and provide them with high quality content to help them get results in their health & fitness.  

AND – to help YOU easily make more money online!!  

🎁 Ready for the DAILY DEAL for Dec 11??

We’re kicking off the 12 days of White Label FITmas Deals on DAY ONE with the ‘HEALTHY HABIT JOURNEY’ program.

This comprehensive, white-label 4-week program focuses on fostering a holistic approach to health & fitness through the power of daily habits.

  • 🏋 Exercise:  (4 weeks of full length workouts are included in this program!)
  • 🍏 Healthy Eating
  • 💧 Hydration
  • 🧘‍♂️ Mindfulness & Gratitude
  • 😴 Rest 

EVERYTHING you need to host this program with your clients is included – and all of it is white label.  Quickly & easily rebrand it to you … and SELL! 

We typically recommend coaches sell this full program for between $49-99 … but you’re welcome to adjust that and sell for what you think will work with your crew & business.

This white-label gem, typically valued at $297, is exclusively available today for just $97! It’s a golden opportunity to boost your coaching business by offering top-tier, rebrandable content that resonates with your clients’ needs.

The DAILY DEAL today, December 11, is the complete white label Healthy Habit Journey program … ON SALE 70% off!!  Just $97!  🏋️‍♀️🍏💧🧘‍♂️😴

And if you read the paragraph above, you’ll see we recommend re-selling this program to your crew for between $49-99.  That means with just 1-2 customers you can make your investment back.  Imagine if you had 10.  Or 100.  That’s pure PROFIT in YOUR POCKET!

Learn more and grab your Daily Deal:  The Healthy Habit Journey for just $97.  TODAY ONLY!

The White Label HEALTHY HABIT JOURNEY Program 

NO code needed.  The sale price is already programmed in – but TODAY only!

Revolutionize your coaching game, brand it as your own, and watch your business soar! But hurry, this offer is valid for 24 hours only!

Coaches, stay tuned! Over the next 11 days, we’ve got a sleigh-full of amazing deals lined up to supercharge your coaching toolkit.  🚀🎅🌟

Grab your Daily Dea for Monday December 11:  The Healthy Habit Journey for just $97.  TODAY ONLY!

The White Label HEALTHY HABIT JOURNEY Program 

Note: The Daily Deals are exclusive prices and available for ONE DAY only – act FAST to grab this invaluable asset for your coaching business!

See you tomorrow for Day 2!  Another epic business building deal coming your way!

xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist

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