Jingle Bell Rock: Your White Label Workout of the Week

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Let’s dive right into this week’s WOW …

With it being mid-December,  now is the perfect time to sweat it out with a Jingle Bell ROCK workout!  Crank up the holiday tunes and let’s rock this 🎄🔔🎅

4 moves – repeat the circuit 4 times:

  • 🎄 Jolly lunge curls  x10 ea leg
  • 🎄 Jingle bell jacks x20
  • 🎄 Grinch bridge x25
  • 🎄 Sleigh sit ups x10

Watch the video to see the workout in action …

Brand this workout to you and share it in your business.  Here’s how:

  • Click the links below for either horizontal or vertical video
  • These will take you to Canva (free account needed)
  • Here you can edit anything you’d like!  Add your logo, update any fonts, colors or styling to match your brand
  • Then download your video and share away!

Click to edit the Jingle Bell Rock workout in VERTICAL mode >

Click to edit the Jingle Bell Rock workout in HORIZONTAL mode >

YES – It’s ME in the video.  You can either swap me out for a video of you doing the moves – OR – simply keep me there any say that I’m on YOUR team.  That we work together and collaborate to build our workouts.  This gives you instant credibility in having a team 🙂  

Enjoy spreading the Holiday Cheer with this Jingle Bell Rock workout 🙂

🎁 The 12 Days of White Label FITmas Deals Party 🎉

We’ve only got a handful of days left in our DEALS party … but I hope you’ve been having as much fun with the party as I am! Deals are only on for 24 hours each – and you guys are doing an amazing job jumping on them as soon as the emails come out each night! Lol some of you within seconds! I’m so excited you’re having so much fun with it too!

If you’ve missed any days, no worries …  I got your back.  Even though the official daily deal ends at the end of each day (midnight EST each night), here’s a list of all the past days, AND a coupon code to save a bonus 30% …

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Looking to 2024 …

As 2024 is getting closer … I’m zoning in on the upcoming product calendar, with new workout program releases coming your way! 

I’m LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK:  What new content would be helpful in YOUR business?  I’m looking for suggestions to incorporate as I build out the 2024 plan.  What kinds of workouts would be helpful with your crew?  What equipment?  What style?  Any feedback is helpful here ….

SNEAK PEEK:  I will tell you there are a few new full workout programs in the works.  These programs include a lot of strength training, combined with Yoga, and a lot of mindfulness!  

I’m really seeing mindfulness as the trend in fitness right now – so I am incorporating that into my programs through this upcoming year.  I may even have a mindset coach coming on board that I’ve been chatting with, and he’ll be supplying white label mindset videos to go along with the workouts.  Is that something that would interest you and be beneficial in your business?  I think this parnership could be HUGE!!! Let me know what you think … 

Any other requests?  Please let me know what you would like to see in the new program releases coming up this year.   Your feedback means so much!  I want to be creating the content that helps you most in your business – so please let me know what you need.  I’m on it!   I’m here in service to YOU!

I’m here cheering YOU on – as your craziest and loudest cheerleader on your journey to success … and beyond!

Questions?  Comments?  Feedback?  Reach out anytime – my door is always open!

Wishing you and your family a super wonderful Happy Holidays!!

Xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist

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  1. Kris ELich

    I’m working with the 50-plus population and would love to see something that excites the senior, former athlete. There are a lot of members who come from a competitive, athletic background but are struggling to find a workout that is ability-appropriate. It’s hard when the mind is still picturing the abilities of their younger years, but their body does not cooperate. Any thoughts?

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