PUMPING it Up into the Holidays with White Label Workouts, Deals & Goodies!

In this week’s edition, we’re pumping up the glamor muscles AND kicking off the 12 Days of Deals from whitelabelworkouts.com💗🎄🥰

In this newsletter:

  • The 12 Days of FITmas Challenge:  LAST CALL to grab your FREE white label business building resource
  • Your White Label Workout of the Week:  Upper Pump  [FREE Resource]
  • Announcing the 12 DAYS of DEALS:  12 days of white label gifts coming your way.  Starting Monday.

LAST CALL to Grab your FREE 12 Days of FITmas Challenge

Yeay what a fun week!!  It’s been awesome seeing so many of you downloading my FREE gift – the 12 days of FITmas challenge – a white label RESOURCE for you to rebrand and reshare as your own in your business.

So many new names have joined us with this challenge … and tons of our community have also grabbed this gift.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab it today as you should be kicking off this challenge tomorrow to be in line with the calendar.  NOW is the time to rock it out with the 12 days of fitness challenge. 

If you haven’t yet … LAST CALL to grab your FREE white label FITmas challenge here … 

Use promo code ‘FITmas23’ to get this challenge for FREE

To all the many of you who already claimed their FITmas challenge – are we having fun yet?? Reply back and let know how it’s going with editing & loading in the material – and how your crew does with it.  Your feedback means a lot and really helps me get better.

The White Label Workout of the Week: Upper Pump

We’re focusing on the UPPER body in this week’s UPPER PUMP workout – burning out the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and some core for added awesome!

4 moves.  20 reps each.  Yes – 20.  Repeat 4 times.  

  • Banded curl & press
  • Triceps dip & reach 
  • Curl & serve 
  • Bicycle crunch 

Check out the video to see the moves in action:

FREE COACHES RESOURCE: ReBRAND and ReSHARE this workout in your business

These videos are white label – meaning you have full rights to edit them – add in your own logo & branding – and share as your own.

Yes – it’s ME in the video.  You can either swap out the video for you … OR … simply say that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team, and we collaborate to make these workouts together 🙂  Whatever works for you.

Click the links below to head to CANVA (free account needed) to edit, download & share the workouts …

Click for this workout in HORIZONTAL mode >

Click for this workout in VERTICAL mode >

The 12 Days of DEALS from WhiteLabelWorkouts.com

Since we’ve been having SO MUCH FUN with the 12 days of FITmas challenge, I figured we should keep the party going and offer you 12 Days of DEALS …

Starting Monday Dec 11 – through to Dec 22, I’ll be sharing a daily DEAL from the WhiteLabelWorkouts.com store.  These are the BIGGEST deals of the year – so be sure to be watching each day – as they’re only 24 hour deals! 

Some days will be full white label workout programs.  Some days it will be 21 day fitness challenges.  Other days it will be client materials – and more!  

Each day will be a new deal – and they’re all designed to help you build your online coaching business – in a super easy and FUN way – all with the goal of making YOU more money!

Daily deals will be emailed (so be watching!) … posted on our social media (be sure to follow us!) Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn … and of course right on our website at WhiteLabelWorkouts.com

The 12 days before Xmas parties start on Monday the 11th! 

Be watching for the daily deal coming your way .. and those of you who are hosting the 12 Days of FITmas challenge, make sure you’re kicking off your content.

How else can I help & support you in building your online coaching business?  I’m here and committed to YOUR success … and cheering you on every step of the way!  Reach out anytime if there’s anything I can do to help.  I LOVE chatting with you – and I also love giving out extra promos and freebies when we chat 😜 So feel free to reach out anytime! I’m here for you.

Cheering you on with massive love & support for your success,

Xoxo  ~  Ro  ~  Your Online Fitness Specialist

Founder & CEO, WhiteLabelWorkouts.com