Giving THANKS with PLANKS – Your WOW is here!

It’s WOWday!!  YEAY 🙂  Let’s kick off our week with excitement, and JOY after (hopefully) having some rest over the weekend.  What if – this just may be the BIGGEST and BEST week ever in your business??  It’s possible!  Let’s make it happen, together 🙂

It’s American THANKSGIVING week – so this week’s WOW is called PLANKSGIVING!  (See what I did there .. turned thanksgiving into planksgiving?  Haahaa I’m so punny! )  Let’s take this week and see how much we can say THANK YOU.  Let’s look for ways to live in gratitude this week – especially while we PLANK!

HOW TO Use the WOWS (white label workouts of the week)

You are welcome to use the WOWs each week however you’d like in your business.  Post on social, share with clients, send email newsletters.  You have full freedom to add your own logo & branding. And use however you’d like.  These WOWS are my way of saying thank YOU for being part of my crew!  Enjoy them and use them each week.  They are made for you with tons of love & gratitude. 


For this workout … challenge your crew to see HOW MANY of these plank variations they can do.   30 seconds each.  Level 1 = 15 second break between.  Level 2 = 5 second break between.  Level 3 = NO BREAKS!  How far can your participants get in this PLANKSGIVING challenge?  

Here are the 8 moves – watch the demo videos to see HOW TO …

  1. High plank
  2. Low plank
  3. Plank shoulder taps
  4. Low plank jacks
  5. Downdog to plank
  6. Side plank openers 
  7. High low plank
  8. Low plank rockers 

Planks are MIND GAMES!! Yes – they’re hard – because they really fire up every muscle in the body.  INCLUDING THE MIND!  So for this week – since it’s Thanksgiving & Planksgiving – while holding our planks let’s think of all the things we can be thankful for.  Take the time, while in your plank, to dig deep.  Live I’m gratitude & give thanks 😊 

Here are your videos to go along with this workout … 

Click here to EDIT & DOWNLOAD the VERTICAL video in Canva >

Click here to EDIT & DOWNLOAD the HORIZONTAL video in Canva >

Let me know how it goes with this week’s WOW.  I really do love hearing back and chatting with you.  

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Ro Little ~ The Online Fitness Specialist