LIFT & BURPEE: The White Label Workout of the Week

Your white label workout of the week is here.  This week we’re rocking out a LIFT & BURPEE superset!  Sounds fun, hey??!!  It is!!  

I also want to add something new to this weekly series.  I’d like to start to use this space to  share some valuable training with you – that I hope will help you in building your online fitness business.

As the online fitness specialist – I get asked a lot how to record online workouts.  Today I wanted to share my top 3 tips with you – hopefully these help 🙂

Here are my top 3 tips for winning with online fitness videos …

TIP ONE:  Lighting & sound are key!  Along with a clean, clear background. 

There’s actually a whole LOT in this one tip.  To sum up – the presentation and quality of your video will really separate you as a pro from the amateurs.  Keep your background super clean and minimal.  You don’t want too many distractions – you want the viewer to watch YOU leading the workout.  And the sound and lighting need to be top notch so they can clearly see & hear you.

Invest in lighting.  Invest in a good mic.  Invest in a good camera.  And invest in setting up your clean space to record.  These are KEY to people coming back to watch your videos over and over.

TIP TWO:  Offer modifications & intensifications – make it so everyone will feel successful through your workouts. 

Now this tip may change based on who your target is.  Definitely know WHO you are targeting with your workouts – and speak to them.  If you are targeting people at different levels, which a lot of online trainers do – then make sure that you clearly provide modifications & intensifications throughout.  That way anyone, no matter where they are at on their fitness journey, will feel successful.  They’ll keep coming back.

TIP THREE:  Be real!  People connect with real. 

I used to worry about being perfect.  If I struggled through a set, I’d re-do the take.  Honestly – I get MUCH better response from my workout when I DO struggle!  People relate – and that keeps them coming back.  Don’t worry if you don’t look like an instagram model – or if you lose your breath in your cardio – or if you struggle in your sessions.  People love when you struggle right alongside them!  Stay real.  People connect with that.

Need help with your online video content? 

That’s what I’m here for.  You can record your workouts yourself … and use these weekly white label workouts to supplement your content strategy … OR …just use mine.  They’re here for you to use away 🙂  Happy to help. Check out anytime for TONS more online fitness content, including FULL LENGTH, follow along workout videos.

So with that in mind – let’s dive into this week’s white label workout – a FREE resource to help coaches add some extra awesome content to their business.

Watch the video to see this week’s LIFT & BURPEEworkout in action:

Challenge your crew to the LIFT & BURPEE workout.  

If you’re seeing this, you have full rights to use this workout as yours in your business.  Simply click the links below (will take you to Canva – free account needed) … then you can easily add your logo in the placeholder and update any fonts & colors to match your brand.

Click here to edit & download the HORIZONTAL video …

Click here to edit & download the VERTICAL video …

Edit away then share on your social media, with your clients, or anywhere else you can use a boost in your fitness content.  

To explain that it’s me, and not you, in the video – simply say that we collaborate on building these online workouts.  I’m on your team – cuz you’re awesome like that!

Easy peezy lemon squeezy!

I’d love to hear from you … what other topics can I help share my expertise on?  I really would like to use this weekly series to not only provide you with the free weekly workout – but to also help, teach & support you in your business.   Let me know if there is a certain area of your online fitness business you’d like to learn more about.  I’ll train on it 😉

Ending today with just a massive shoutout to you – for being you – and for being awesome!  Through sharing fitness with others, you’re doing good things, and helping people live healthier, more active lives.  You.  Are.  Awesome.


Ro 🙂