Black FRIDAY has come early – with your White Label Workout of the WEEK

This week’s White Label Workout of the Week is coming in hot … and even hotter is an early release of our 2 BLACK FRIDAY promo deals!

Happy WOWday coachies!! 

I hope your weekend was truly wonderful .. that you took time to rest & rejuvenate .. and you’re ready to CRUSH IT this week!!

Oooo what an AWESOME week we had last week .. thanks to all who got started with the Healthy Habit JOURNEY program!  It’s truly a game changer, hey??!!  Thanks to all for your messages .. I really hope your tribes are loving it as much as I loved developing that program for you!!

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That brings me to today’s WOW …

YOUR White Label Workout of the week

This WOW is taken from the Healthy Habit program.  I include a 3 pre-launch marketing plan (to help you sell the program) … and this is one of those posts.  Feel free to adjust the wording to suit whatever you are currently promoting in your business, if you do not have the Healthy Habit Journey program.  Check it out … 

Edit, add your logo, and use these White Label Workout Videos in your business (yes – they’re FREE for you to use!)

Here’s a SAMPLE POST you’re welcome to share WITH these videos. Use as is OR edit away to make it your own …

I hinted the other day about my brand new online fitness & wellness program that’s launching soon – called The JOURNEY – and I wanted to share a little more with you today.

5 daily habits.  That’s the focus through the program.  5 simple daily tasks that lead to big change.   Daily exercise is habit 1.   So yes – workouts are a big component of the JOURNEY.

All the workouts in The JOURNEY are focused on Functional Training.  This means training for daily life – using the functional movements we all use through our days – to help make our daily activities easier, safer & more efficient. 

It’s not about working towards perfect deadlift form – but rather it’s about learning to hinge properly so we can safely unload the dishwasher and laundry.  It’s not about needing perfect squat form, but rather training to get up and down safely, and lift heavy things, safely.  We’re training functional skills to make daily life easier and safer.

I’m sharing with you today a sample workout from the JOURNEY program – and this one is all about the PULL!

PULL movements are functional skills.  We need to pull open doors, pull items towards us, and more.  

Let’s practice & train our PULL.  Check out this video to see the workout, then give it a go!  Let me know what you think .. .and if you’d like to learn more about the Healthy Habit JOURNEY workout & wellness program.


Okie – now let’s chat BLACK FRIDAY PROMOS!  

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