Fight Mode = ON! The White Label Workout of the Week

🇨🇦 With Canada Day just wrapping up and 🇺🇸 July 4th Independence Day right around the corner, it’s a time of celebration, freedom, and independence. What better way to honor these themes than by embracing our own fight for health and strength? This week, we’re bringing on FIGHT MODE for our White Label Workout of the Week!

We’re fighting for our goals. Fighting for our strength. Fighting for our health. Fighting for our awesomeness!! And we’re having SO MUCH FUN doing it. 😊

Check out the video to see the workout in action …

This Week’s Empowering White Label Workout:

5 Moves in this Circuit: All focused on fight mode…

  1. Squat Uppercut
  2. Jab to Knee
  3. Beast Jabs
  4. Lunging Hook
  5. Jab to Jack

3 Rounds of Work:

  • Round 1: 60 seconds of work per move
  • Round 2: 45 seconds of work per move
  • Round 3: 30 seconds of work per move

This is an empowering and strong workout, so encourage your crew to bring on the intensity!

Brand this Workout as Your Own!

Yes, this resource is here for you to add your own logo and share it in your business. Simply say that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team – that we collaborate and build workouts together. This explains perfectly why it’s me in the video.

It’s Super Simple to Edit:

Click the links below to head to Canva – slap on your own logo, adjust any fonts, colors, and styling to match your brand. Choose which format you’d like to use:

Yes, this is a FREE resource for you to use in your business! All I ask is that you send me feedback after and let me know how it goes. And … if you ever need any other white label content, consider checking out my products …

How Else Can I Support You?

✅ Need social media content? I’ve got it for you.

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✅ Need something else? Let me know – I’m always looking for suggestions and new ideas for content to create, all with the mission to help YOU build a super profitable online fitness business, effortlessly!

Reach out anytime and let’s chat!

Wishing my American friends a very happy July 4th … and a Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 💕

Xoxo, Ro Your Online Fitness Specialist

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