[FREE White Label RESOURCE] The final set in our 5 weeks of bodyweight workouts

We’ve made it to week 5 – the last week in our series of Bodyweight workouts.  We already rocked out PowerAgility & Coordination Balance … and Strength.  Today we’re finishing up with MOBILITY. (if you missed the other weeks and want the links to them, reach out and I’ll send them to you …)

Mobility is the range of motion a person has in their body – more specifically in their joints.  

Mobility is KEY to health and daily functioning – to feeling good moving our bodies.  This is where we talk about living pain-free.  It’s vital to train mobility and keep our joints active and moving.  In doing so, daily living becomes easier. More efficient.  Pain free.  

Would you like to share some extra mobility with your tribe?  Here’s what this video looks like:

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… then drop in your logo in the placeholder … adjust any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand … then share away!  Ask if you have any questions or need any help with the editing.  I’m here and happy to help …

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HOW TO MONETIZE these workouts:

These workout clips are actually designed to help YOU as the coach earn income from them.  I have designed these 5 weeks of workouts perfectly to lead right into the complete BODYWEIGHT 8 week online fitness program.  I’ve developed this 8 week workout program completely white label – so you can easily share it with your audience as your own – and earn income from it.  (Yes it’s me coaching – but you simply say that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team. And I mention that we work as a team throughout the videos, so it all flows).

Everything you need to successfully share & host this program is already done for you.  From the marketing, to all of the workouts (over 240 minutes of done for you workout video is already created!  NOTE – The workouts in the full program are FULL follow along workouts – 30 mins each where I’m talking, guiding & inspiring them through the whole workout) …

… to the client support materials (workout calendar & tracking sheets all in a beautiful client success guide).  The full program is done for you – ready for you to drop in your own logo & branding, then share with your tribe & earn income from it.  

If you’ve been sharing these workouts through this 5 week series, your tribe is already primed and ready for this!  Take it to the next level – share the FULL program with them.  

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