The Final Workout in our 4 week HIIT series: PILATES?!!

Hey hey Coaching Rock Stars!!

Coming at you today with the final workout in our 4 week series of white label HIIT workouts.  Today is PILATES!  Hmmmm … Pilates … in a HIIT series??!!

YES!!  I told you last week that our final workout may surprise you!

See here’s the thing …

HIIT is all about the roller coaster ride.  It’s about GOING HARD with intensity for brief bursts – then bringing it back down.  Recovering – before going hard again!  It’s up & down .. up & down.

I LOVE playing with this roller coaster – and for all the coaches who are rockin’ with our white label 10 Minute Hiit program in their fitness businesses, I’m sure you see what I do in there.

Let me explain …

I provide 10 workouts with the 10 Minute Hiit.  7 of them of more ‘intense’ HIIT sessions.  They are:

Upper Hiit … Cardio Hiit … Lower Hiit … Core Hiit … Power Hiit … MMA Hiit … Total Hiit

And then the last 3 are ‘recovery’ workouts:  Yoga … Pilates … & Stretch

We’re up and down and up and down both in the individual workouts, and also in the overall calendar.  This is such a beautiful way to keep getting our clients results – and have them feeling amazing!  Work and recover.  Work and recover.

So … for this week’s workout in our HIIT series, we’re blasting out PILATES!

Watch the video to see the workout in action >

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Click those links above and you’ll be taken to CANVA (free account).  Brand & edit this workout as your own.  Drop in your logo, adjust any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand, then share away!  

Note – you’re welcome to adjust the final screen to promote whatever you’re currently selling in your fitness business.  It now promotes the 10 Minute Hiit program, as these mini-workouts are part of the marketing plan, but you’re welcome to edit that to whatever you’re promoting.

You may be wondering – Is there a benefit to getting the FULL program over these weekly workouts?  The answer – YES!!  If you’re looking for a quick & simple way to add some extra profits into your business.   The full programs are just that – FULL programs.  They’re packaged and meant to be SOLD to your clients.  I typically recommend selling them between $49-$99 each – but test it with your crew to see what works for you.

These summary videos are meant more as social media content, not really sales content. So there is a difference.

The full programs come with FULL length workout videos (whereas these weekly workouts are just ‘snippets’ or ‘summaries’).  They are full follow along workouts, where I coach, cue, and inspire through the whole session.

They also come with weeks of workout videos, calendars, tracking sheets, customer support materials, pre-launch marketing plans, lead magnets, and more!

The full programs are designed as SALES machines for YOU.  Yup – use our full programs to earn PROFITS from your online fitness business all day (and night!) long!

Learn more about the 10 Minute HIIT white label program here >

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And with that, we’re finishing up our 4 week HIIT series.

In case you missed the first 3 weeks, here are the links:

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Week 3 – Lower Focus HIIT >

What would you like to see in the next series and workouts?  I’m looking for suggestions …  

I hope you’ve enjoyed this HIIT series as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it for you.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions, or need any help along the way, or frankly even just to chat.  I love hearing from you. 

Keep rockin’ and crush those business goals!  


Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist

Founder & CEO