5 Minute Plank Challenge: the White Label Workout of the Week

Kicking April off with a PLANK CHALLENGE.  This is your White Label Workout of the Week – a FREE RESOURCE for health & fitness coaches to brand as their own and share with their crew.  

Challenge YOUR tribe with this EPIC 5 minute Plank Challenge!

Planks are so convenient to do – anyone, anywhere, anytime can get down and plank it out.  It’s a FULL BODY exercise that needs no equipment – and this challenge is only 5 minutes!  No excuses 🙂

Here’s how this challenge works … 

There are 5 different plank variations.  Perform each variation for 30 seconds, then repeat it for a total of 5 minutes.  

The challenge is to move between each variation without taking breaks!  See how long your crew can stay in it for!

Check out the video to see the plank moves in action …

Challenge your crew with this week’s white label workout.  Click the links below to edit & download the workout … you can choose horizontal or vertical – depending on which format works best for where you’re posting.

Click here to edit & download the HORIZONTAL video >

Click here to edit & download the VERTICAL video >

… These links will take you to Canva (you need just a free account there to use these)

Edit the videos as you see fit to best match your business.  Drop in your logo & change any colors, fonts or styling to match your brand.

… Then download your work and share away!

NOTE!  Yes – it’s ME in the video and coaches sometimes question how to explain that.  All you do is say that we COLLABORATED creating this challenge and that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on your team.  We work together.  This method works great for all coaches who use my workouts – and build credibility for you in having a team.

Questions?  Comments?  Feedback?  Requests for future workouts?  I love hearing from you.  Reach out anytime – hello@whitelabelworkouts.com

Want MORE workouts & challenges like this?

This 5 minute plank challenge is a snippet taken from our newest full White Label Workout Program – XpressFIT.   We just launched XpressFit yesterday – it’s the program of the month in our Online Fit Pro’s Business Blueprint.

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AND –  FREE BONUS! XpressFit comes with a sales page template, 2 weeks of Pre-Launch Marketing posts, images & videos, and our White Label 21 day PLANK challenge to use as a LEAD MAGNET to help bring clients to you, begging for the program!

It’s all included in XpressFIT!  Everything you need to introduce your crew to the program, create a buzz, the whole marketing plan to help you SELL the program, AND everything you need to deliver the program with all your customer support included!  A business in a box.

As always – I’m here to chat if you have any questions at all about how the programs work, how you can best use them in your business, or any other questions & comments you may have.  I love chatting with you – so feel free to reach out anytime!  Hello@whitelabelworkouts.com

April is here – the sun is shining – let’s make this the most incredible month yet in your business.  Let’s do it, together.

In service to your profitable online presence,

Ro 🙂

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