Attract → Engage → Convert → Support → Scale

This 5 Step Process is the Online Fit Pro’s Business Blueprint … and it’s Your Key to Success.

Do you Struggle Creating Content for your Online Fitness Business – in any of these areas? If so … I’ve got you covered with DONE-FOR-YOU Content that will add MASSIVE VALUE … Quickly & Easily … to your Online Fitness Business.

I’ve Already Done all the Heavy Lifting For You.

Through every step of the Business Blueprint, the content is already created for you. Simply drop in your own logo … easily adjust any branding to match your business … and share. You just need to turn the key.

Hi! I’m Ro … The Online Fitness Specialist.

Let’s Generate MASSIVE INCOME from your Fitness Business … While Saving YOU Tons of Stress & Time!

When the world changed and gyms closed down a few years ago – fitness pros were forced to adapt in order to stay working. We had to quickly learn how to succeed online, in an ever changing environment.

Some coaches figured it out, and their businesses exploded. Some coaches quit. Others wanted to make it work, but really struggled to pivot – to navigate, learn & grow online.

Yes, the world is settling down now and gyms have opened up again … but our industry is forever changed.

Online Fitness is Here to Stay.

Let me help you. Let me be YOUR Online Fitness Specialist.

The Online Fit Pro’s Business Blueprint Includes 5 Stages to Success:

Stage One:


This is the first stage of the Blueprint. This is when you build awareness of you, your business and brand. Through strategic digital & social media marketing, you start letting the world know you’re open for business.. You start attracting your ideal audience.

We’ve already got all the posts written and ready for you. The images & videos are done. Simply drop in your logo and easily adjust any fonts or colors to match your brand. Quick and simple – no design experience needed.

Learn more about Attacting with our Social Media Templates >

Stage Two:


You’ve got their attention … now it’s time to engage and interact with your audience. Through this stage, we’re building relationships, trust, credibility, and authority. We’re getting 2 way communication going, and building a community of people that are starting to know, like & trust you.

We have found that hosting 21 day fitness challenges is the absolute BEST way to build engagement. So we created 12 different fitness challenges for you. Pre-written daily posts, images & videos are all done for you.

Learn more about Engaging through Done-For-You Fitness Challenges

Stage Three:


They know you. They like you. They trust you. You earned it. You did the ground work. Now it’s time to ask for the sale.

We’ve got you covered. With our white label workouts, your crew will clearly see the value you are offering, and will be excited to jump right in. We have the tools to help you through this full process – and we are providing you with all the client programming you need! YOU are a ROCKstar coach.

Learn more about Converting with White Label Workout Programs

Stage Four:


You’ve got the clients – now it’s time to LOVE on them, support them, help them get results, and turn them into life long fans.

Again – we’ve got ya at this stage too, boo! You’re going to look like the rockstar coach you already are using our client support tools. Support is a key component that’s already built into all of our white label workout programs, and we have some extra goodies too. From Fit Test Guides to Health Habit Trackers, to Goal Setting Worksheets and more.

Learn more about Supporting your Clients with our Rockstar Coach Tools >

Stage Five:


Awesome! You successfully made it through stage 1-4 … but it doesn’t stop here. Do it again. And again. Keep attracting. Keep engaging. Keep converting. Keep supporting & loving your clients so they stay with you and become life-long loyal fans. Then repeat. Do it again. With these done-for-you tools, you can easily scale your business bigger than you ever dreamed possible. Yes – You – Can.

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Each month, a new content pack is released. Within each pack, all 5 stages of the Blueprint are covered with VALUE DRIVEN, Done-For-You Content.

MAY 2023 Content Pack is Available for a LIMITED TIME and Includes …

You can purchase these items on their own .. OR .. SAVE BIG by purchasing as part of the Online Fit Pro’s Business Blueprint. It’s our BEST VALUE!

Two Plans to choose from – Monthly or One Time Fee:

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The Blueprint Content Release Schedule:


This content is already complete and is available as an instant download with the FULL Membership … or … will be released again in JAN 2024 for Monthly Members

  • Tabata Workout Program
  • Gold Star 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Functional Fit Modular Program


This content is already complete and is available as an instant download with the FULL Membership … or … will be released again in FEB 2024 for Monthly Members

  • BodyWeight Blast Workout Program
  • Heart-Pumpin 21-day Fitness Challenge
  • Push Up 21-day Fitness Challenge
  • Social Media Mega Pack 2.0


This content is already complete and is available as an instant download with the FULL Membership … or … will be released again in MAR 2024 for Monthly Members

  • BOOTY Workout Program
  • Lunge 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • The Exercise Library 2.0



This content is already complete and is available as an instant download with the FULL Membership … or … will be released again in APR 2024 for Monthly Members

  • XpressFIT Workout Program
  • Plank 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • New client & goal forms



  • Strength & MobilityWorkout Program
  • Burpee 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • CrossTrain 9-week Challenge


  • CORE Workout Program
  • Core 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Fit Test Tracker

This content will be releaed June 2023


  • BANDS Workout Program
  • Wake up & Workout 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Healthy Habit Guide & Tracker

This content will be released July 2023


  • LIFT Workout Program
  • Upper Strength 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Surprise Goodie!

This content will be released August 2023


  • 10 Minute Hiit Workout Program
  • Intro to Hiit 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Surprise Goodie!

This content will be releaed June 2023


  • Get Moving Workout Program
  • Mobility 21-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Surprise Goodie!

This content will be released October 2023


  • Pulse Workout Program
  • Burn-It! 5-Day Fitness Challenge
  • Functional Movement 21-day Fitness Challenge

This content will be released November 2023


  • Healthy Habit Journey Workout Program
  • 5-day Jumpstart your Health Challenge
  • 12 Days of FITMAS Challenge

This content will be releaed December 2023

From Ro – the creator of White Label Workouts …

Over the past few years, I’ve become obsessed with figuring out this new online fitness world.

✓ I’ve invested in the technology to record at high quality – the camera , microphone and lighting
✓ I’ve renovated my house to create a studio space to record
✓ I’ve learned the editing skills
✓ I’ve gained the confidence, energy & enthusiasm needed in front of the camera
✓ I’ve built the programs – from designing & delivering the workouts, to the client tracking sheets, success guides, and more!
✓ I’ve created the marketing plans & lead magnets to help introduce your crew to your offers

It’s all here and DONE FOR YOU – all the Fitness Content you need to build & grow your business.

I’m here for you … as YOUR Online Fitness Specialist.

We’re in this TOGETHER – You and I – As a TEAM!

YES – It’s ME coaching in the all the workouts. And this leads to my most asked question (you’re probably thinking it too!) …

“How do I explain why it’s YOU, Ro, in the videos coaching my clients … and not me?”

Honestly it’s so simple and this method works SO WELL for all the teams that I work with.

You simply say that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team – that we collaborate and work together to deliver the highest quality workout programs.

Throughout the workouts, I talk about being a part of the team – so I make sure that everything flows with this. Easy peezy – and this actually gives you instant credibility in having a team.

I’m like your greatest employee … adding massive value to your clients … but you don’t add me to payroll!

What they’re saying about working with me …

Quick & Easy To Use. Here’s How:


Get instant access to a PDF file that has links to your Canva templates, Vimeo playlists and google documents.


No design experienece needed. Everything is SUPER EASY to tailor to your needs. Simply swap out fonts, colours, or other graphics to match your branding.


Export your stunning templates to social media for marketing. And your customer programs can be uploaded to any app or service that you use with your clients.


Your social media will be bringing in the leads, your clients will be getting results from their programs, and the cash will be flowing in.

Let’s DO THIS! Choose your Plan:

All prices in USD