Strength & Stability – Training 2 Fit Principles Together with this week’s White Label Workout

We’re training strength AND stability together in this week’s white label workout – a free resource for coaches to brand as their own and use in their business.

When training my clients, I always work to create well rounded programs that focus on all the key fit principles.  I find it’s best to not stick to just strength – or just cardio.  To really help our clients, it’s best to also train them in balance, coordination, power, agility, flexibility and more.  When we train our clients with all the key fit principles, we’re helping them be truly functionally fit – making their daily movements & activities easier, more efficient and safer.

So for this week’s white label workout, I’m incorporating STABILITY into our strength training.

Check out the video to see this workout in action …

Want to share this workout video with your tribe?  This is a FREE resource that I provide each week for coaches to easily drop in your own logo, update any colors, fonts & styling to match your brand, and share away as you please.  

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These WOWs are FREE workout videos that I share each week for you to use however it’s helpful in your business.  Simply say that we collaborate creating them – and that I work with you on your team.  That helps answer the question why it’s ME, and not you, coaching in the videos.  We collaborate & create them together 🙂 

What principles do you like to train with your clients?  I’d love to hear.  Reply back and let’s chat about it.  Is there anything I can provide you with to help?  Do you have any requests for workouts you’d like to see in future?  Reply back .. I’m here and ready to listen.  I want to provide the content that truly serves you best – so let me know how I can best be of service to you.


I also wanted to take a moment to update you on the content releases at as we’re approaching month end …

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As always – I’m here in service to YOU.  Questions, comments, suggestions, feedback … I LOVE hearing from you.  Reach out and let’s chat.  I want to know what’s most important to YOU in your business as this helps me provide more value to you … and that’s truly my goal.  I want to help you build your profitable online presence.  Let’s collaborate on that.  Let me be your online fitness specialist.

Much love & support to you!

Ro Little ~ The Online Fitness Specialist