Sliding into 2024 with a SLIDING SUPERSETS workout as your white label workout of the week …

Can you believe it? The final post of 2023 🥰 I can’t even express how AWESOME this past year has turned out to be! And we’re just getting started 🚀

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This week’s workout:  Sliding Supersets

We’re ‘sliding’ into 2024 with this superset workout.  So many people are out traveling right now, so this is the perfect time for a slider session.  

This workout can be done with ‘official sliders’ (which can be found in any fitness store) … OR … plastic plates or dish towels work too!  I’m using plastic plates from the dollar store in the video 🙂  Check it out …

There are 3 supersets in this workout . Alternate the 2 moves, 10 reps each repeated 3 times … then move to the next superset.

The only equipment needed is something to slide on!

Want to share this workout with your crew?  Brand it as your own and share away!

Click the links below to be taken to CANVA (free account needed).  

Sliding Supersets in HORIZONTAL mode >

Sliding Supersets in VERTICAL mode >

Make any edits you’d like to match your brand …  drop in your logo … and share away as your own.  Simply say that I’m a trainer on YOUR team 🙂  We collaborate.  Collabs are seriously the KEY to success these days – so let’s do it!

The #Fitspiration Monthly Content Club

Do you know that I have a white label product called the #Fitspiration Monthly Content Club?  

Each month I release a new content pack.  Within the pack, there’s 12 new exercises – explainers in image AND video format!   PLUS – each month I use the 12 new exercises in 8 new workouts.  There’s even a workout calendar for the month and tracking sheets included.  

This month marks month #12 in the club – and this week’s white label workout above was inspired by this month’s content pack.  

Content pack 12 is called ‘Slider Strength’ – and it’s a whole month of slider exercises – with some weights added in for fun 🙂  and to really UP the strength building.

Each month has a different theme:

  • Month 1:  the Basics
  • Month 2:  Bands & Bells
  • Month 3:  Balance & Stability
  • Month 4:  Compound It!
  • Month 5:  Planes & Levels
  • Month 6:  ABCs  (arms, booty, core)
  • Month 7:  Fight Mode
  • Month 8:  AMRAP
  • Month 9:  Asymmetry
  • Month 10: Bodyweight training
  • Month 11: 360 Core
  • Month 12:  Slider Strength

Each month is completely new – and even more awesome than the previous month.  When you sign up for the club, you start at month 1, and each month a new content pack unlocks.

Each content pack includes:

  • 12 exercise explainers – in image AND video 
  • 8 workouts using the 12 exercises – in horizontal and vertical video
  • Monthly calendar and workout tracker

It’s all white label, ready for your branding – and it comes consistently every month.  

This is valued at well over $250 a month!  But .. I offer it for only $29 a month!  Yup – just $29 

Want to try out the content to see how it works and what’s all included?  Check this out:

The #Fitspiration Monthly Content Club >

There are sample workouts and exercise explainers that you can download for FREE to play around with to see how it works.

I hope to see YOU in the Content Club in 2024!

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And with that … This is it.  My last email and the end of 2023 is here!  

WOW – looking back – what an incredible year we had at!   We surpassed every goal I set … and I am incredibly grateful for each and every one of you!

And guess what?  I’m just getting started.  

The plans & goals for 2024 are EVEN bigger.  There is so much awesome white label workout content coming your way.  There are new tools and so much more support coming – all with the goal of making YOUR LIFE EASIER and YOUR BUSINESS MORE PROFITABLE.  That is my focus and it drives everything I do here at

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season and a New Year filled with success, growth, and tons of gains! 💪🎉  See you in 2024!

Xoxoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist