We’re Literally GETTING UP out of our chairs and GETTING MOVING together!  This is an online fitness program that brings joy & fun to movement – encouraging those who spend their days sitting to GET UP and GET MOVING! The only equipment needed is a CHAIR – so anyone, anywhere can do this program.

  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Workout length: 10-30 mins
  • Workouts per week: 3 workouts and 3 mobility sessions a week
  • Program length: 4 weeks
  • Equipment: a chair
  • Includes:  5 done-for-you full follow along workout videos, 7 targeted mobility session videos, an editable Client SUCCESS GUIDE that has your calendar of workouts, and is packed with tips & tricks, results tracking, nutrition info and more – and a BONUS 21 day challenge to use as a lead magnet

The workout videos that come with this program are:

  • Get Up! (27 minutes)
  • Get Strong! (28 minutes)
  • Get Balanced! (25 minutes)
  • Just Move! (18 minutes)
  • Get Centered! (27 minutes)
  • Get Outside (bonus day)
  • Get Dancing (bonus day)
  • Hip Mobility (13 minutes)
  • Back Mobility (13 minutes)
  • Shoulder Mobility (8 minutes)
  • Lower Focus Mobility (15 minutes)
  • Upper Focus Mobility (10 minutes)
  • Core Focus Mobility (10 minutes)
  • Wrist & Ankle Mobility (8 minutes)


This program comes with everything you need, from pre-launch marketing, to the workout videos, to your customer’s success guide.  It’s all white label files – in video and PDF formats.  Simpy drop in your own logo and sell!  

Hear from Ro, the creator of the program, as she explains more (and YES!  You’ll get this video to share with your crew too!)

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