We’re Literally GETTING UP out of our chairs and GETTING MOVING together!  

Add Value to your Clients … Quickly & Easily … with the White Label GET MOVING Workout Program. It’s all DONE FOR YOU.

  • 12 Done-For-You full follow along Workout Videos & mobility sessions.
  • 12 Editable Summary Workout & Mobility Videos.
  • Editable Customer Success Guide for impeccable tracking and support.
  • BONUS! Sales page template, Marketing posts & images, and a 21 day challenge to help sell the program! ($97 value)

Help Your Clients Get UP and Get MOVING … Freely, Efficiently & Joyfully … While adding PROFITS to your Business!

In case we haven’t met before …

Hi! I’m Ro ~ The Online Fitness Specialist.

YES – It’s ME coaching in the all the workouts. And this leads to my most asked question (you’re probably thinking it too!) …

“How do I explain why it’s YOU, Ro, in the videos coaching my clients … and not me?”

Honeslty it’s so simple and this method works SO WELL for all the teams that I work with. You simply say that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team. Throughout the workouts, I talk about being a part of the team – so I make sure that everything flows with this. Easy peezy – and actually gives you instant credibility in having a team.

Share this video with your (potential) clients to introduce them to me – as the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team … and the GET MOVING program:

I’m like the AWESOME Employee that adds Tons of Value to YOUR business … without the Payroll

  • Save oodles of TIME & STRESS! This is a White-label program – just upload and start selling as your own – quickly & easily.
  • Created by a Ro Little – a Personal Trainer, Fitness & Nutrition Coach with years of experience, and thousands of happy clients! It’s been tested and proven effective.
  • Hundreds of development hours and dollars worth of content!
  • Edit and adjust as you see fit. Match the program to your branding & style. NO DESIGN EXPERIENCE needed.
  • Market with a BONUS lead magnet & social media template pack. We’ve thought of everything and it’s all included!

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting:

We’re Literally GETTING UP out of our chairs and GETTING MOVING together!

We’ve called this program ‘GET MOVING!’ – and developed it WHITE LABEL so you can add your own style and branding throughout.

This is an online fitness program that brings joy & fun to movement – encouraging those who spend their days sitting to GET UP and GET MOVING! The only equipment needed is a CHAIR – so anyone, anywhere can do this program.

We’re focusing on both workouts AND mobility through this program – to help participants feel FABULOUS throughout. We’re loosening and getting moving – efficetly & pain-free.

Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to share this program is included – from lead magnets and marketing to sales pages to the full workouts, to a guide for client success.

12 Editable Summary Workout Videos(VIMEO)

These are workout ‘summary’ videos that show the moves of the workout, in condensed way.  Share these short videos with customers, or use them in your marketing as ‘teasers’.

These videos are fully editable – you have full freedom to use as is, or make them your own.

Check out a sample …

12 ‘Done-For-You’ full follow along workouts (VIMEO)

Each includes a warm up, full workout, and cool down. All instructions are provided in a high-energy and fun way! Intensifications and modifications are offered throughout. These videos are fully done for you and ready to be uploaded to your site!


  • Get Moving
  • Get Strong
  • Get Balanced
  • Just Move
  • Get Centered


  • Hip
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Upper Focus
  • Lower Focus
  • CORE
  • Wrists & Ankles

39-page Client Success Guide (CANVA)

This 39 page guide has EVERYTHING your client needs to succeed!!  Program instructions …  HOW-TO’s for each workout … Tracking sheets … Nutrition info … Success Tips … and more!!  Everything is fully editable – use as is, or make it your own.  Just remember to add in your own links and branding!

Editable Posts for Marketing (Google DOCS & CANVA)

Use these posts in your social media to introduce your readers to your new program – to help get the buzz out and generate sales.  Post captions AND images are included.  Easily editable to add your own branding & style.

BONUS Lead Magnet – the 21 day Mobility Challenge (CANVA & GOOGLE DOCS)

A 21 day challenge to help Coaches build engagement, community, and connect with their clients.  This challenge comes with everything you need to host an online challenge.  21 days of posts, videos and images are included, as well as pre-challenge marketing.  This is a GREAT lead magnet to use before Get MOVING!

Get Instant Access to your Business-Building White Label Program

  • 12 Done-For-You full follow along Workout Videos & mobility sessions.
  • 12 Editable Summary Workout & Mobility Videos.
  • Editable Customer Success Guide for impeccable tracking and support.
  • BONUS! Sales page template, Marketing posts & images, and a 21 day challenge to help sell the program! ($97 value)

Order NOW For a One-Time Payment of $297

All prices are in USD

All of our programs come with a 14 day happiness guarantee. So you have nothing to lose!

Why Trust Our Program?

Made by Ro Little – Pn1 PTS FIS … with years of experience in fitness & nutrition coaching … and thousands of happy clients. Our programs are tried, tested, and proven effective.

We have a happiness guarantee. Don’t find the content useful? Send us a message within 14 days of purchase and you’ll get your money back with no hassle. We want you to be happy 🙂

Although everything is made ready for you to use instantly, you can still modify and adjust all the content – quickly and easily – with no design experience needed.


It's quick and easy to get set up.  You just make the simple edits to the canva files ...  download the content to your PC/device ... then upload it to your site, app or platform.  Then just follow along with the suggested marketing plan, and you're rocking!   Realistically, it probably takes you one working day to get the a program up and running.  If you need any help along the way - send me an email at hello@whitelabelworkouts.com

It’s impossible to give any exact numbers. It depends on your lead base quality and size, selling price and conversion percent. As an estimate in our experience, you could take 1% conversion of your lead base as a minimal goal for 1-time offer. E.g. if you had 5000 people on your email list, you should get at least 1% or 50 people to buy your program = 50 x $97 = $4850. Better lists convert up to 10-20%. Of course, running the campaign non-stop or in intervals multiplies this percentage many times over. What if you don’t have a list of followers? Then your best bet is to start marketing to a cold audience with Facebook being the best platform for it. Your goal should be to get to a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) over 2, which means that you’d make at least 2 dollars for every 1 dollar you spend. Most people get there in 1-6 months.

We have a 14 Day HAPPINESS Guarantee.  Send us a message within 14 days of ordering to hello@whitelabelworkouts.com and you’ll get 100% of your money back, without hassle.

This is our most common question and we have this dialed in!  I am the Online Fitness Specialist - and I mention throughout the videos that I am working with your team.  Basically  - I'm like an employee working with you, but you don't have to send me a bi-weekly pay check, lol!  Just purchase the program, and I'm all yours 🙂  Most coaches find that having a team like this builds amazing credibility for them.

Consider this – we could say that the potential client base is about 500 million people in the Western world; and only thousands of service providers. The possibility of people going in two programs that have the same template is so minuscule, almost 0%. Also – every coach adds their own special touch to every program, for example, creating a Facebook community that no-one could clone.

Furthermore - the full program workouts must NOT be set to public.  So only paying customers have access to the full programs - thereby limiting access to them.

All content is editable in either Google Docs or CANVA, except for full workout longer video files.  Those come with editable thumbnails to simply add your logo to the front.  All other content is fully editable to make your own. If you have a special request for the content (e.g. you want us to modify content or put your logo on everything) – send us a message hello@whitelabelworkouts.com and we’ll get you a quote.

Right after the purchase, you will get a link to access your account here on our site.  This is where all the files are stored.

  • You have full freedom to edit away any part of this program to make it your own to SELL TO YOUR PERSONAL CLIENTS.
  • You can sell the program as it is (recommended price $47-99)
  • You can edit, remove, merge and add as much as you want
  • You can use parts of this course in your other products
  • You can sell it as a standalone product or add an active coaching element to it
  • You can use the content to promote your brand on your social media, webinars, courses, trainings, website etc.

You can NOT post any of the FULL WORKOUT PROGRAM VIDEOS on any public site. All FULL LENGTH workout videos must be set to private and only shared with YOUR clients.

Social media & fitness challenge content YES CAN be shared publicly, as that is the content intended to help you attract & engage your audience. So yes you have PUBLIC POSTING rights for the social media & fitness challenge content.

But the FULL PROGRAMS are only meant for PAYING customers and must be delivered in a private method - ie - a private FB group, an app or site where your customers need to log in to access.

Unclear if you can publicly post your content?  Ask away - we're here to chat and help.  hello@whitelabelworkouts.com

Yes and No.  YES!  You are welcome to brand the content as YOURS and sell it to your END USER customer.  However - you do NOT have the rights to resell as white label. Meaning - you're welcome to use all the content in your own business, for your own customers.  BUT - you are NOT to provide the content to other coaches for their businesses.

Get Started TODAY!

Add Value to your Clients … Quickly & Easily … with the White Label GET MOVING Workout Program.

It’s all DONE FOR YOU and Ready to Start Generating Income!

All prices are in USD

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