3 times the CRAZY in this week’s White Label Workout (a FREE RESOURCE for coaches)

Hey Coaches!

It’s December already!  Can you believe it?  I’m feeling the crazy – and I’m bringing it into this week’s WOW newsletter …

It’s a CRAZY WOW day – yup TRIPLE the WOW!

In this newsletter:

  • Your White Label Workout of the Week:  Triple Set Crazy 8’s [FREE Resource]
  • The 12 Days of FITmas Challenge [my FREE GIFT to you]
  • A Healthy for the Holidays DUAL PURPOSE white label program [$100 off!]

First up – let’s get right into your white label workout of the week …

This session is called Triple Set: Crazy 8’s.

Here are the instructions:

  • Alternate these 3 moves: 
    • Inchworm 
    • High low plank 
    • Pendulum lunge (BOTH legs)
  • Start at 8 reps each. Then go to 7 reps … then to 6 reps … all the way to 1 rep in each move.
  • Check out the video to see the moves in action:

ReBRAND and ReSHARE this workout in your business

These videos are white label – meaning you have full rights to edit them – add in your own logo & branding – and share as yours.

Yes – it’s ME in the video.  You can either swap out the video for you … OR … simply say that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team, and we collaborate to make these workouts together 🙂  Whatever works for you.

Click the links below to head to CANVA (free account needed) to edit & save the videos.

Click for this workout in HORIZONTAL mode:

Click for this workout in VERTICAL mode:

Next up … the 12 days of FITmas challenge – my Holiday Gift to you … FREE!

This is a 12-day white label challenge – designed to help YOU build engagement, trust & authority with YOUR crew.  The challenge is designed to be either posted on your social media … OR in a facebook group … OR simply emailed to your clients each day.  

All the content is already done for you …

  • Pre-challenge marketing posts & images
  • 12 days of posts with daily workouts AND holiday health tips
  • All the post captions & images

Everything you need to host this challenge is already done for you and included.  Simply drop in your own logo and share away!  It’s that simple.  I recommend sharing this challenge from Dec 11-22 .. but you’re welcome to adjust that and do what works best for you.

AND!  This is my holiday gift to you … absolutely FREE.

Click the link below to add the challenge to your cart ..

12 Days of FITMAS >

Use code fitmas23 to get this challenge for FREE!!  

Last for today … announcing the re-launch of  the HEALTHY HABIT JOURNEY White Label Workout Program

DID YOU KNOW??  This program, which is already one of our best sellers all year long, is a DUAL purpose program – meaning it comes with TWO sets of branding??!!

First – it comes with EVERGREEN branding, meaning it can be used ANYTIME of year … AND I also include a second set of branding with the program, as a FREE BONUS – that is branded as HEALTHY FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  

This is the BEST value for coaches as you can get so much use out of this program!!  Help your clients right now stay healthy through the holidays – OR – later into next year, use this as a JOURNEY to HEALTH program.  

A few key notes about this new program:

This is a holistic, WHOLE HEALTH program.  It is based on the HEALTHY HABIT Guide – so we really focus on building our 5 daily habits ( not just workouts) …

  • Daily Exercise
  • Eating Whole Foods … Most of the Time
  • Drinking Water
  • Practicing Mindfulness & Gratitude
  • REST!

This program is designed in a way that anyone, no matter where they are on their current journey to health, WILL feel super motivated, empowered and successful.  

I also included another FREE bonus – that acts as a lead magnet to help you SELL this full program .. it’s the 5 day JUMPSTART your JOURNEY challenge.  This challenge introduces the 5 habits in a fun and interactive way.  And – it’s totally DONE FOR YOU!  Super simple for you to set up and host this challenge, which will walk you right into selling the full program – earning you income!

Everything is done for you – simply drop in your logo and you’re all set.

  • Your social marketing plan to introduce your crew to your new challenge & program – DONE for you!
  • Your challenge to gain trust, build engagement, and sell the full program – DONE for you!
  • All the workouts (over 150 minutes of workout video!) DONE for you!
  • All your client support materials – tracking sheets, notes & instructions on all habits, and more – DONE for you!
  • There’s even a sample sales page included so you can see how a sample site is selling the program.

Everything is included!

The JOURNEY, and bonus holiday branding HEALTHY FOR THE HOLIDAYS is our FEATURED white label program this month  … on sale $100 off!

Grab your copy of the JOURNEY, along with EVERYTHING listed above INCLUDING the Healthy for the Holidays program AND the Jumpstart your health Challenge.  It’s all included in this package – and it’s all white label – ready for you to ReBrand and SELL as your own!

Learn more about The White Label Healthy Habit Workout & Wellness Program here >

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I LOVE to chat. Reach out anytime! Hello@whitelabelworkouts.com

xoxo ~ Ro ~ The Online Fitness Specialist