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Kicking things off with ELEVATED SUPERSETS – your white label workout of the week.

I dusted off the step for this session – but you can encourage your clients to use whatever they have available to them.  If they have a step – great!  If not – they can use a bench, a sturdy chair, or even a step on their stairs.  Get creative with it – but make sure to stress that safety is key!

If they want to get a step (it’s a great addition to any home gym!) they’re super easy to get!  I got this one that I’m using in the video just on Amazon!

Super secret heads up!!  I haven’t announced this officially anywhere yet – but there is a program coming in 2024 that is going to be built around either the STEP OR a BOSU.  So your crew may just need the step anyhow! 

Question for you … Which would YOU prefer for your business?  A BOSU based program?  Or a STEP?  This will be a complete, FULL LENGTH workout program.  Let me know which you’d like to see first – BOSU or STEP!

Okie … So back to this workout.  ELEVATED SUPERSETS is 3 supersets.  Alternate the 2 moves within the superset, and repeat 3 times.  Then rest and move to the next one.

The supersets are:

🩷 Superset #1:

  • Step ups x10R, 10L
  • Elevated push ups x15

🩷 Superset #2:

  • Elevated bridge x15
  • Elevated lateral squats x20

🩷 Superset #3:

  • Bulgarian split squat x10R, 10L
  • Tricep dips x15

Check out the video to see the workout in action:

Brand this workout to your business …

Click the links below to access the editable CANVA files (free Canva account needed) … and you’ll be able to drop in your own logo, adjust any colors, fonts & styling to match your brand, then share away!  

Simply explain that I work for you!  I’m on your team 🙂  That’s why it’s me in the video.  Easy peezy to explain that.  We collaborate and I love working with you, friend 🥰

Edit the Elevated Supersets workout in HORIZONTAL video mode >

Edit the Elevated Supersets workout in VERTICAL video mode >

This is a FREE resource that I create and share every single week – and I have for over a year and a ½ now.  I’ve never missed a week!  I LOVE doing this for you – and I genuinely hope it’s helpful in your business.  

If you use these workouts (I sure hope you do!) I’d super appreciate it if you could send me some feedback … or post a review here >. What do you like?  Not like?  How could I make this series more helpful to you?  I’m in service to you – and always striving to be better.  Let me know if you have ideas.

Next up …

Triceps Dips:  The Exercise Explainer of the Week

For those who have been working out with me for a while, you know my favorite muscles to work are shoulders, biceps & triceps 🙂  I LOVE the glamor muscles!!  And I am super excited to share one of my favorite triceps sculpting moves – the triceps dip!

This move is so versatile … can be done by anyone, anywhere … and it feels so so so good!!!

I wrote a whole post this week about Triceps Dips – giving coaching cues, options, benefits, and more!  

And – as always –  there are white label files for you to ‘steal’ images & videos to brand as your own! 

Check out the post for all the deets on Triceps Dips >

My #TrainerTip of the Week …

For my Trainer Tip article this week I talk about using Fitness Challenges to Supercharge Your Sales.

I wrote a whole article on WHY I love fitness challenges as a business building tool.  The low down …

They’re AH-MAZING at building YOUR credibility!  They build engagement, community, trust, and are the best sales tool that I’ve ever found!  

I use 21 day fitness challenges BEFORE I offer full fitness programs to my crew – and by the end of the challenge, they are KNOCKING DOWN my door, BEGGING me to order a full program.  

If you need some help in the sales department for your online fitness business, I highly recommend you check this article out about How To Use Fitness Challenges to Supercharge Your Sales here >

Lots going on around the studio.  Lots of exciting things are coming – and more fun is happening each day!  I’m super stoked to have YOU in the community!

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How else can I support you?  How can I help you become MORE PROFITABLE in your online fitness business – while saving you time & stress?  I’m here for you – I LOVE to chat – and my door is always open for you.  Reach out anytime!

💗 Stay fit, stay fabulous, stay productive, stay prosperous!

Xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist 🥰

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