🎁 Day 9 DOUBLE DEAL🎉 : LIFT Workout Program & Upper Strength 21 Day Challenge

It’s a DOUBLE DEAL today – with BOTH a white label workout program AND a 21 day challenge!

 We’re all about LIFTING today!!  I LOVE strength training and lifting!!  Here’s the thing … it’s SO good for us!  We NEED muscle to function safely, efficiently & optimally in life.  EVERYONE should be doing resistance and strength training.  And that’s what we’re focusing on today …

The LIFT program is Weight Training For EVERYONE!  

It’s not about lifting for atheletes … it’s lifting for EVERYONE.

LIFT is an online fitness program that empowers adults of all ages to strengthen their muscles – to work on posture and reduce the risk of injury – to sculpt, stabilize and support their body. All in a fun and engaging way!

As with all our programs, this is WHITE LABEL so you can add your own style and branding throughout.  The content is ALL DONE for you.  

6 week workout calendar with 9 full length workout videos.  It’s over 300 minutes of workout video!   Plus … weight tracking sheets, client success guide, marketing plan and more!  

It’s all done for you.  Simply drop in your own logo & branding, and SELL it!  Putting profits in your pocket – quickly & easily.

AND – since today’s a DOUBLE DEAL!  We also include the UPPER STRENGTH 21 Day Challenge WITH the LIFT Program.  

These 2 are designed to go together – with the challenge acting as a LEAD MAGNET to walk you through the full sales process into LIFT.  

The Upper Strength Challenge is an incredibly engaging challenge that really gets people moving along with you.  Each day we focus on a different upper area:  Back … Chest … Shoulders … Biceps … Triceps … Core, and we build on it with a progressive 3 week calendar.

All workouts, post captions, and even marketing materials are included!  It’s all white label – add your logo and share away!

Sound easy? IT IS!  Oh – and it’s also so so FUN!  

This package normally retails for $297 … but TODAY, Save 60%

Get BOTH the LIFT program AND the 21 Day Upper Strength Challenge for today’s Daily Deal of just $117!  

Questions? Comments? Feedback? I’m always here and I LOVE to chat! Reach out anytime!!

See you tomorrow for day 10!

xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist