Day 10 Deal: Save 70% on the Functional FIT Modular Program

Imagine Having a YEAR’s Worth of Workout Content – All DONE for you?!  AND get it at 70% off 🎉

Today’s Daily Deal is the White Label FUNCTIONAL FIT Modular Program!  

Functional FIT is A Modular Online Fitness Program Designed for EveryBODY to Enhance EveryDAY Living.

It’s an online fitness program that focuses on building & strengthening bodies that are capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions … not just lifting a certain amount of weight in a specific posture created by a gym machine.  This is functional fitness at its best!


Functional Fit is a MODULAR program – meaning it comes in BLOCKS.  

There are 8 blocks with the program – each focusing on a different ‘training protocol’. YOU as the coach have full freedom to get creative with how you bring the blocks to your clients. There truly are so many different ways to use this content – client’s programming will always feel fresh, creative & results driven – super simply for you as the coach, as it’s all done for you!

What comes with the Functional Fit Program:

  • 52 week workout calendar, with all programming laid out & created for you
  • 32 Done-For-You workout snippet videos easily branded to you in Canva
  • 100+ exercise explainers in image & text form
  • 8 PDF guides for impeccable client support
  • Marketing materials to help generate the buzz and make the sale

FREE BONUS! A 21 Day Functional Skills challenge to use as a lead magnet to have people come to YOU begging for the program!

Note:  These workouts ARE different than the full workout programs, as they are workout snippets, not full length videos.  BUT:  there are 32 of them – with a 52 week calendar!    SO much content that you can use in so many different ways!  And – since they’re snippets instead of full workouts, you have complete freedom to post and share the content anywhere.  (full workout videos MUST be posted privately – behind a membership paywall).  This 52 weeks of content can be posted anywhere that suits your business best.

Learn more about the Functional Fitness workout program and how it can benefit you in your business … while SAVING YOU 70% on today’s deal!  

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