Day 8 Deal: Save 75% on the Wake Up & Workout Challenge!

Another awesome white label challenge is coming your way in our 🎁 Day 8 Deal! 🎁 Challenge your crew to DO BETTER each day by taking control of their morning routine.

🌞 Exercise in the morning has been proven to increase energy, focus, and optimism. Plus, morning workouts have shown to burn more calories – AND we’ve found participants are more likely to eat healthy and stay active throughout the day.

All good things right??

That’s exactly what the WakeUp & WorkOut challenge is all about!

We’re motivating challengers to take a simple step in the mornings, before the day gets ahead of them. To put themselves FIRST. To set their days, and lives, up for success.

I provide you with everything you need to run this challenge – and to make a huge impact in your challenger’s lives.

Daily posts – showing a simple 10 minute workout – designed for everyone! These are easy workouts – just to wake the body up and get moving. They can be done in 10 minutes, in PJs by the bed if challengers choose.

Daily motivation – each day there’s a quote and message filled with positivity and inspiration to share.

It’s all here and done for you. It’s all white label and SUPER EASY to drop in your own logo, adjust any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand, then share away!

Make an impact. Help your tribe make change and succeed … in their fitness … in their health … in their lives 🌞🎉🥰

Grab the Day 8 Deal:  The Wake UP & Workout Out 21 Day White Label Challenge … 75% off!

We’ve got just 4 days left of crazy awesome deals!! Stay tuned!!

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