Yoga Flow Focus: Your White Label Resources of the Week

Let’s FLOW into this week’s newsletter – packed with FREE resources for you to rebrand and reshare as your own in your fitness business – and the theme this week is appropriately all about FLOW …

In this newsletter:

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🧘🏻‍♀️  [FREE resource] The White Label Workout of the Week: Yoga Flow Sets

🐶   [FREE resource] The White Label Exercise Explainer of the Week: Downdog to Plank

🩷  Ro’s Trainer Tip of the Week:  The importance of Yoga for People who don’t think Yoga is important

🎉  The Pre-Launch Party is Kicking off NOW for Healthy 7 – our latest & greatest White Label health & fitness program

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And speaking of moving forward … 

Let’s dive right into this week’s White Label Workout … Yoga Flow Sets

Yoga has absolutely become my PASSION!!  I crave it every single day.  My body & mind need this time, everyday, to zone in and just enjoy feeling good.

Share the Yoga Flow Sets session with your crew – I hope they enjoy it as much as I do!

The instructions for this workout:

  • There are 4 flow sets.  Each flow set has 2 moves that we flow between.  
  • There are no reps or set times – it’s all about doing what feels good in your body.  I recommend about 30-60 seconds per flow set.  But up to you and your crew.  
  • Be sure to do both right and left sides
  • Repeat as desired – again, it’s all about feeling good in your body

Check out the video to see Yoga Flow Sets in action …

Brand this workout to you and share with your crew!

Click the links below to be taken to Canva.  There you’ll be able to drop in your own logo and adjust any styling to match your brand.  Then download and share away!

🔗  Edit the Yoga Flow Sets in HORIZONTAL mode >

🔗  Edit the Yoga Flow Sets in VERTICAL mode >

Enjoy this week’s workout … and please do me a favor?  Let me know what you think of this one … 

Moving on to the Exercise Explainer of the Week …

The White Label Exercise Explainer of the Week: Downdog to Plank

This is one of the moves that we used in our workout this week – I absolutely LOVE pairing these 2 poses together, and transitioning between them.  This is Downdog to Plank.

This is all about strengthening the body, while stretching it at the same time!  And it feels so so good!

Check out the exercise explainer of Downdog to Plank:

🔗  Learn more & grab your editable assets.  Click here to see the full post >

Ro’s Trainer Tip of the Week …

Why Yoga is Important for People who don’t Think Yoga is Important

The theme this week is all about FLOW – and Yoga.  And I’m going to be fully honest with you – I used to never do Yoga.  I actually used to be very against it – and didn’t think it was a ‘real’ workout.  Didn’t think I needed it, nor did I think I needed to add it into my client’s programming.  

I have completely done a full 180 on this.

I NEED yoga.  My client’s NEED yoga.  We all NEED yoga in our lives.

🔗  Check out my full post, which I’ve entitled:  11 Reasons Why Yoga is Important for People who think Yoga isn’t Important.  Read the full post here >

🎉 Kicking off the Pre-Launch PARTY TODAY for Healthy 7

It’s FINALLY here!!  Oh my goodness I simply cannot tell you just how excited I am!!  I have had an absolute BLAST creating this program.  I was OOOOOOZZZZING to dive into new content creation – I haven’t created a brand new program in over a year.  And I poured EVERYTHING into Healthy 7!!

Healthy 7 is my newest complete white label program.  It’s 7 weeks long – focusing on the 7 daily healthy habits that matter.  

Yoga.  Clean Eating.  Strength.  Hydration.  Walking.  Mindfulness. Sleep.

Each week we take on a new habit – there are full length workout videos, yoga sessions, and week long courses teaching each of these habits.  1 new habit a week for 7 weeks.  Each build on the last.

It’s all done in a super fun & empowering way – like all my programs 🥰

Healthy 7 is all WHITE LABEL – add your own branding to the entire program and SELL it!   Quickly & easily putting profits in your pocket!

The Pre-Launch Party is ON NOW … and I’m inviting YOU to be the first to try out this program.  

Official launch is March 5 … and until then, Healthy 7 is ON SALE $100 off!!

But there is a slight catch – to save the $100, I’m asking for your feedback on the program.  Try it out with your crew, and please submit your honest review of it.  This helps me SO MUCH in building my next programs.

Take me up on my offer?  Get started today & save $100 on the White Label HEALTHY 7 Program.

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Lots going on …. So much awesome with 1 goal in mind – to help make fitness coaching easier & more profitable for you, my coach friends!

Let’s link arms.  Let’s make waves in the fitness industry.  Let’s help people improve their health.  And in doing so – let’s ROCK your business goals!!

Xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist