Building Movement Mastery with the 3 Planes of Movement

Forward & back … side to side … and twisting. 

Our bodies are designed to move in 3 different planes – and as a coach it’s important to understand this and use all 3 in your client programming  💫

1️⃣  The SAGITTAL plane

2️⃣  The FRONTAL plane

3️⃣  The TRANSVERSE plane

Now, why should we bother with all three? I’m glad you asked! 

By incorporating exercises that cover each plane, you’re giving your clients a full-body experience that targets muscles from all angles. This not only keeps things interesting but also helps prevent muscle imbalances and reduces the risk of injury

Plus, it adds a whole new dimension of challenge and excitement to their workouts! Who doesn’t love a little variety, am I right? 😉

But wait, there’s more! Using all three planes of movement isn’t just about keeping things fresh & fun. It’s also about helping your clients move better in their everyday lives

Whether it’s reaching for that top shelf, twisting to grab their keys, or simply walking up the stairs with ease … mastering movement in all directions translates to improved functionality and overall quality of life. And hey, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Let’s dive in a little deeper on each of the 3 planes …

Sagittal Plane: This plane is all about those forward and backward movements, like walking or traditional bicep curls. It’s the bread and butter of many workouts, but let’s jazz it up with these five moves:

  • Forward Lunges
  • Deadlifts
  • Shoulder Press
  • Single-Leg Romanian Deadlifts
  • Reverse Lunges

Frontal Plane: Time to add some side-to-side sizzle to your workouts! The frontal plane challenges those stabilizing muscles and adds some sideways fun to your training routine. Here are five exercises to get you started – all focusing moving sideways in the body.

  • Side Lunges
  • Lateral Raises
  • Side Planks
  • Skater Hops
  • Band Side Steps

Transverse Plane: Get ready to twist and shout with these rotational powerhouses! The transverse plane adds a dynamic element to your workouts and targets those often-neglected rotational muscles. Check out these five moves – focusing on the core and rotational movements:

  • Russian Twists
  • Wood Chops
  • Cable Chops
  • Medicine Ball Slams
  • Twisting Lunges

So, how can you start incorporating these planes into your programming? Get creative!

Swap out those traditional squats for lateral lunges, throw in some wood chops for that transverse plane action, and don’t forget to sprinkle in some good ol’ push-ups for the sagittal plane love.

As you plan out your workouts, ensure you incorporate all 3 planes. Some movements going forward & back … some side to side … and some rotating.

Your clients will thank you for the challenge, trust me!

Incorporating exercises from all three planes of movement ensures your clients get a well-rounded workout that challenges their bodies in every direction. 

Ready to revolutionize your training approach? Check out all we have to offer here at for more tips, tricks, and workout inspo. And remember, I’m here to support you every step of the way! 💪 Let’s make fitness fun and effective together!

Xoxo ~ Ro ~ The Online Fitness Specialist

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