Surprise! It’s SUNDAY! Here’s your White label Workout of the week a day early …

Surprise – it’s SUNDAY!   I’m trying something a little different this week in sending you the WOW (White Label Workout of the WEEK) today instead of on Monday.   I figure this way you have more time to get your ‘workout of the week’ edited and off to your crew.   Let me know what you think of getting this on Sunday instead of our usual Mondays …

OK .. so let’s get into this week’s workout …

This week is called PUSH the Floor:

We’re focusing on our upper body and core through this session, using just bodyweight and well … pushing the floor 🙂

The moves are:

  • Downdog to plank
  • Push ups
  • Triceps dips 
  • Plank side punches 

4 sets of 10 reps each

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You have full freedom here to use this workout however you’d like.  Drop in your own logo & change any styling to match your business branding.  

Then share away.  Use it as your own in your business.  I’m here for YOU – as Your Online Fitness Specialist to help build your business.

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