Back & Booty Pyramid, Renegade Row 101, and More!

Kicking off our NEW email newsletter schedule and a NEW content series to go along with it 🙂

For all of my WOW email newletter subscribers – please note, as announced last week, your weekly email is changing to TUESDAY – starting this week.

Along with this date change, each week not only will you be getting a white label workout to rebrand and share in your business, but you’ll also be getting an exercise explainer, AND I’ll be sharing my thoughts for the week – sometimes it will be a trainer tip, sometimes something that’s going on in the White Label Workouts Studio … sometimes it will be just for fun!

So excited to be bringing you MORE content & MORE goodies for you to use in your business.  2024 is the year of MORE!  Here we go ……

In this newsletter:

  • Back & Booty Pyramid: Your free white label workout of the week
  • Renegade Row 101: The 1st in a new EXERCISE EXPLAINER series
  • Client Case study:  From oils to supplements

🌟 BACK & BOOTY Pyramid Workout: Your White Label Workout of the Week 💪🍑 🔥

This is a PYRAMID workout, so you’ll notice the reps for each move go up!  The idea here is to complete the circuit going up in reps, then reverse it to go back down the pyramid.  Repeat the full pyramid 3 times!

The exercises for this workout are:

1️⃣ Dumbbell (or kettlebell) Swings (10 reps): Kick off the burn with explosive kettlebell swings, targeting your glutes and hamstrings. Engage that core and let the power flow!

2️⃣ Deadlift to Upright Row (12 reps): Unleash the strength in your posterior chain. The deadlift-to-upright row combo hits your lower back, glutes, and shoulders. Lift with intention!

3️⃣ Back Flies (15 reps): Time to spread those wings! Back flies target your rear deltoids, giving your back a beautiful definition. Keep those shoulder blades squeezing together.

4️⃣ Renegade Rows (20 reps): Challenge your core and back simultaneously. Renegade rows are a killer move for a sculpted back and stable midsection. Feel the burn, embrace the gains!

Check out the video to see the workout in action …

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This workout, like all our weekly white label workouts, is here for you to rebrand and reshare as your own. It’s my gift to you, a free coach resource every week.  Simply say that we collaborate and that we create these workouts together.  That I work on YOUR team.  Makes it flow so easily that it’s me in the video.   

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Renegade Rows 101

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter – I am really working on UPPING my content creation in 2024 – and offering even more value to you in these weekly newsletters.  Each week I’m going to highlight a different exercise!

To kick off this new series, this week we’re rocking out one of my absolute favorite exercises – the Renegade Row!

 👉 What is a Renegade Row?

The Renegade Row is a killer compound exercise that not only targets your full upper body but also fires up your core. It’s a two-in-one deal that strengthens your back, shoulders, arms, and, most importantly, your abdominal muscles.  Glutes and quads also come to the party.  Total body!  

Basically it’s combining together a back row and a plank!  Sound fun?  It IS!  

Brand the Renegade Row video to you!  

Grab your editable links (Canva FREE Account needed)  here:

Renegade Row – Horizontal mode >

Renegade Row – Vertical mode >

Looking for more exercise explainers like this? 

Each month I create 12 unique explainers … AND use them in 8 different workouts … as part of the Fitspiration monthly content club.  Check it out here  >

From Oils to Supplements …

I recently made a post about how my mind has been so BLOWN learning about some very interesting ways people are using white label workouts to help them advance their business.  I found this just so fascinating – and thought it might be helpful to you, so I wanted to share it in this newsletter.

Honestly – I never intended for to turn into what it has become.  I started this company during the pandemic – it was just a way that I was able to give back and help some trainers who were struggling to transition their business online after all the gyms shut down.  

It has become SO MUCH MORE.  These workouts are enabling coaches, in SO MANY DIFFERENT INDUSTRIES, build additional income streams, serve their clients with MORE value than they could on their own, and grow their businesses bigger than they thought possible.

I wrote my notes and thoughts in my recent blog post here >

If you’re curious about the different ways people are using white label workouts to build an easy online fitness business (when many are NOT even fitness coaches!!) then I recommend you check this out.

Plus – I invite you to Contact Me if you ever want to chat about getting creative and incorporating White Label Workouts into your business.

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