Tabata Week! 20 Seconds of Work, 20% savings, AND an IMPORTANT schedule change!

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We can do anything for 20 seconds, right??!!  Welcome to TABATA week!  Tabata is my absolutely favorite protocol – and that’s our focus in this week’s edition.

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🕒 The Power of Tabata: Quick, Intense, and Results-Driven!

Tabata is not your average workout – it’s a fitness phenomenon! This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) method is designed to push your limits in a short amount of time. The magic lies in its 20 seconds of all-out effort followed by a brief 10-second rest – a formula that not only torches calories but also boosts endurance and metabolism.

💦 The White Label Workout of the Week:  Press & Twist TABATA

Let’s spice up our routine with a Tabata session featuring some epic moves:

1️⃣ Prisoner Press – Right Leg Lead: Engage those muscles as you press up, right leg leading the way.

2️⃣ Out & In Push Ups: Feel the burn with this dynamic push-up variation. Out, in, and repeat!

3️⃣ Prisoner Press – Left Leg Lead: Switch it up! Left leg takes the lead this time. Keep that intensity high!

4️⃣ Shuffle Twists: Amp up the fun factor with quick shuffles and twists – it’s a cardio party!

Watch the video to see this workout in action …

This is a tabata – so that means it’s 20 seconds each to 10 seconds rest

🔄 4 Rounds, Maximum Effort!

Repeat this circuit four times, giving your all during those 20 seconds of work. Rest comes QUICK – so really push in the 20 seconds.  Embrace the challenge, and let the endorphins flow!

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🎉 Why do I love Tabata so much?

Time-Efficient: Perfect for our busy lives, Tabata packs a punch in a short timeframe.

Maximum Effort:  Since it’s only 20 seconds, we believe we CAN go hard and really push!  Rest comes quick!

Burns Fat: The afterburn effect keeps those calories melting even after you’ve finished.

Never Boring: The variety keeps things exciting, banishing workout monotony.

Boosts Endurance: Say hello to improved stamina and increased cardiovascular health.

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What comes with the white label Tabata Program:

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