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Last week was all about push … and this week we’re all about the PULL in our weekly newsletter – packed with FREE White Label RESOURCES for you to REBRAND and use in your online fitness business …

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  • The WORKOUT of the Week:  10 Minute PULL
  • The EXERCISE EXPLAINER of the Week: Banded Curls

➡️  Ro’s Weekly Trainer Tip:  Functional Fitness – The Real Deal on using the 7 Functional Movement Skills

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Your Weekly White Label Resources:

The White Label Workout of the Week:  The 10 Minute PULL

This is the perfect complimentary workout to alternate with last week’s 10 Minute PUSH (if you missed it, click here) …This week’s workout is designed to ignite those pulling muscles and supercharge progress in just 10 minutes. 🏋️‍♂️

💪 Pull movements are the backbone of functional strength, targeting muscles crucial for everyday activities like lifting, carrying, and pulling objects towards the body. By honing in on the back, biceps, and rear delts, PULL exercises not only sculpt a visually stunning physique but also build a foundation of strength & resilience.

Here’s why prioritizing PULL exercises is a non-negotiable:

Postural Perfection: In today’s tech-centric world, poor posture is an epidemic. PULL exercises combat this by strengthening the muscles responsible for pulling the shoulders back and maintaining an upright posture. Say goodbye to slouching and hello to confidence!

Injury Prevention: A robust posterior chain is your body’s armor against injury. By fortifying the muscles of the back and improving overall muscle balance, PULL exercises create a shield of protection, reducing the risk of strains, sprains, and imbalances.

Functional Fitness Mastery: Life is full of pulling movements – from opening doors to hoisting groceries. By training the body to excel in these fundamental actions, PULL exercises enhance everyday functionality, ensuring your clients are ready for whatever challenges come their way.

Let’s work on our PULL .. in the 10 Minute PULL workout:

Check out the video to see the workout in action:  

5 moves … 30 seconds each with 15 second rest between … repeat the circuit 3 times.

1️⃣  Back Flies: Sculpt a strong, defined back and target those hard-to-reach rear deltoids for a balanced physique.

2️⃣ Renegade Rows: Fire up the core and upper body with this dynamic move that challenges stability and strength simultaneously.

3️⃣ Weighted Glute Bridge: Not just for the glutes! Strengthen the entire posterior chain with this compound exercise that hits the lower back and hamstrings.

4️⃣ Banded Curls: Amp up the intensity of your arm workout with resistance band curls, building biceps of steel.

5️⃣Zottman Curls: Maximize arm gains by targeting both the biceps and forearms with this innovative curl variation.

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Next Up …

The White Label Exercise Explainer of the Week:  Banded Curls

I LOVE bicep exercises 💪  And I especially love when I feel the muscle activation and that oh so beautiful burn!  So for this week’s White label Exercise Explainer – I wanted to share my secret move to fire up & activate the biceps – the BANDED CURL!

It’s the PERFECT way to activate the biceps – to switch them on – to FIRE them up!  Go HIGH reps with the band – it’s safe & joint friendly – and feels so so good!

Learn more about the Banded Curl  …

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Ro’s Trainer Tip of the Week …

Functional Fitness:  The Real Deal on Using the 7 Functional Movement Skills

Here’s the lowdown: functional fitness is all about training your body to handle real-life movements like a boss. 

We’re talking about stuff you do every day, like bending down to tie your shoes, lifting groceries, or reaching for that top shelf. Instead of isolating muscles with fancy machines, functional fitness focuses on exercises that mimic these everyday motions. It’s about building strength, flexibility, and balance that actually help you in your day-to-day life—not just in the gym.

Now, you might be wondering, why all the hype 🤔 

What are the 7 Functional Movement Skills and HOW to best incorporate them into programming?  

That’s the topic of this week’s deep dive post.  Check it out …

🔗 Read the full post here >

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