any cases, it is preventable!  Move your body, every day, and your chances of having heart disease decrease drastically!

The 21 day Heart-Pumpin’ Challenge will help boost your heart rate, increase your cardiovascular fitness, turn you into a fat burning machine, AND even extend your life!  All good things, right?

Here’s how the challenge works:

Each day, for 21 days, you’ll share a new cardio focused workout.  (ALL THE CONTENT IS ALREADY CREATED FOR YOU! You just have to share it!)

These are all bodyweight exercises – no equipment is required.  Anyone, anywhere can do them.  And – there will be modifications and intensifications offered – so everyone can be successful, no matter what level.

    • Week ONE – We start off with workouts at moderate intensity.
    • Week TWO – We progress to intervals of high intensity.
    • Week THREE – We blast to the finish line adding in short bursts of SUPER HIGH intensity!

PROGRESSION!  We’re starting slow, then building and progressing.  We’re getting stronger in our cardio – blasting a million calories – and having so much fun!!

Encourage & help your clients to take control of their heart health with this 21 day Heart-Pumpin’ Challenge!


Build Trust, Engagement & Community with the White Label 21 Day Heart-Pumpin’ Challenge!

  •  21 Day editable workout calendar
  •  21 days of posts walking you through the full challenge
  •  21 editable workout images & videos
  •  Marketing posts and images to help you build the buzz about your challenge

It’s all DONE FOR YOU and Ready to Start Building Engagement!