The gold star is my secret weapon with clients!!  This tool has helped literally thousands of people find the motivation & accountability to get started & build those daily healthy habits.

I am always blown away when I do these gold star challenges – they have the highest rate of people successfully completing them – and I am so excited that it’s now YOUR TURN to experience the power of the gold star – and the positive effect that it can have on your client’s success.

How the challenge works:

You’ll be given 21 days of posts and workout videos. Each day you’ll hop into a Facebook group, or your app, or where ever you’re hosting the challenge and you’ll copy and paste the days post. This will guide your challengers through that day’s workout. Easy as that! You can even pre-program in all your posts and just sit back and enjoy the engagement.


That’s what this challenge is all about! In each day’s post, challengers are encouraged stick a sticker on their calendar when they complete the day’s workout, then share their calendar with the group. This helps them commit and stay accountable, and helps to build connection and trust with you.


Build Trust, Engagement & Community with the White Label 21 Day GOLD STAR Challenge!

  •  21 Day editable & printable workout calendar
  •  21 days of posts walking you through the full challenge
  •  21 editable workout videos
  •  Marketing posts and images to help you build the buzz about your challenge

It’s all DONE FOR YOU and Ready to Start Building Engagement!