I like to call this challenge the ‘21 day TIGHTEN your TUMMY challenge!’  No matter where your clients are currently at on their fitness journey, we can all show a little extra LOVE to our core!  That is what we are focusing on through this challenge.

Here’s how this challenge works:

Each day you’ll post a list of exercises to do that day – along with instructions on how to do them. I provide you with everything you need to run this challenge – so I’ll give you all the images and post captions you’ll need. We start off with just 2 exercises, in light reps, and then we build on it over the 21 days.

There are just 8 CORE exercises that we will be using through this challenge.  Each targets the core just a bit differently – some work the transverse abdominis, some the obliques (sides), some the lower abs.  You probably know all of these moves – we’re sticking to the basics here:

Crunches … Sit ups … Russian Twists … Bicycle Twists … Leg Extensions … Leg Raises .. Low Plank … Plank Shoulder Taps.

Choose Your level’:

As with most of my other challenges, I gear them to ALL levels. Challengers are able to choose how many rounds of the day’s workout they do. Beginners can stick to just 1 – and those who want more, more is there for them 🙂


That’s what this challenge is all about! In each day’s post, challengers are encouraged to answer a question, or make some kind of comment to engage back. This helps them commit and stay accountable, and helps to build engagement and trust with you.


Build Trust, Engagement & Community with the White Label 21 Day CORE Challenge!

  •  21 Day editable & printable workout calendar
  •  21 days of posts walking you through the full challenge
  •  21 editable workout images
  •  Marketing posts and images to help you build the buzz about your challenge

It’s all DONE FOR YOU and Ready to Start Building Engagement!