Challenge your followers to UP their PUSH UP game!

The 21 day Push Up challenge is designed for EVERYONE! No matter if they can do just 1 push up, 100 push ups, or none at all. Your followers can use this as a tool to LEARN to push up … OR … to improve their form & technique in the move.

Through these 21 days, we teach proper form, alignment and engagement of all the required muscles.  We’re not just doing push ups for the 21 days.  We’ve got squats, planks, triceps dips, and so much more!  All to help us improve our push ups – activate and recruit the required muscles – to get stronger and more confident in the move.

There’s even a weekly challenge where we can track our push up progression!  Seeing trackable progression is so powerful!

Your crew is going to LOVE the 21 Day PUSH UP Challenge!


Build Trust, Engagement & Community with the White Label 21 Day PUSH UP Challenge!

  •  21 Day editable workout calendar
  •  21 days of posts walking you through the full challenge
  •  21 editable workout videos
  •  Marketing posts and images to help you build the buzz about your challenge

It’s all DONE FOR YOU and Ready to Start Building Engagement!