Planes & Levels: White Label Workout

Hey Coaches! 🌟 Ready to elevate your training game? This week’s workout, “PLANES & LEVELS,” is all about moving forward & back, side to side, rotational, and up & down. It’s designed to supercharge your clients’ functional fitness and keep those muscles guessing! 💪

The Different Planes of Motion:

Incorporating movements across various planes of motion is the secret sauce for next-level functional training. Here’s why:

1. Sagittal Plane (Forward & Back)

Think walking, running, and squatting. This plane is all about flexion and extension. Mastering exercises in the sagittal plane boosts overall stability and strength for everyday actions like climbing stairs or lifting groceries. 🏃‍♂️🏋️‍♀️

2. Frontal Plane (Side to Side)

Side lunges, lateral raises, you name it. Training in the frontal plane enhances lateral stability and agility. It’s essential for activities that need side-to-side movement, from playing sports to simply reaching for something on a high shelf. 🕺💃

3. Transverse Plane (Rotational Movements)

Twisting and rotating, like Russian twists or throwing a ball. The transverse plane is crucial for core stability and balance, and it’s a game-changer for preventing injuries from sudden direction changes. Perfect for athletes in sports like golf or baseball. ⛳⚾

Why Working All Planes Matters:

  1. Functional Fitness: Train in all three planes and your clients will move better and feel stronger in their everyday lives.
  2. Injury Prevention: Balanced training means no muscle group gets left behind, reducing injury risk.
  3. Enhanced Performance: Whether your clients are weekend warriors or elite athletes, working in different planes boosts overall performance and agility.
  4. Variety and Engagement: Keep workouts fresh and challenging to maintain motivation and adherence.

This week’s White Label Workout: Planes & Levels

These week’s workout focuses on all the planes of movement, with some up & down thrown in for fun! 6 moves … rock them out for 40 seconds each, with 20 seconds rest before going to the next move. Repeat this Circuit 3-5 times for an epic workout!

The moves in this workout are:

  1. Lateral Squats – Strengthen those legs and enhance lateral movement.
  2. Beast Walks – Build core stability and upper body strength.
  3. Squat Press – A full-body blast that combines strength and power.
  4. Hip Dips – Target the obliques and amp up core stability.
  5. Ali Shuffle – Boost agility and cardiovascular endurance.
  6. Low Plank Punches – Fire up the core and improve shoulder stability.

Check out the video to see this workout in action …

Steal This Workout! 🎉

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Stay Tuned! More workouts come at ya each week!

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