Day 6: The 21 Day BURPEE Challenge!

Ok I’m just gonna go ahead and say it.  Burpees are fun!  And … I truly believe that anyone that can move their full body, can (and probably should) BURPEE.  Burpees are the focus in our DAILY DEAL today … the 21 day BURPEE CHALLENGE!

I LOVE challenging people with this one.  It’s not just about how many burpees can you challenge your clients to do.  Nope.  That’s not the focus.  But rather, it’s about breaking down the components of the burpee .. working on each .. and building up into the burpee.

Now – for burpee masters – there’s definitely a challenge built in for them as well.  EVERYONE, no matter what fitness level they’re at – WILL love this challenge, and get a lot out of it!

The challenge is themselvesTo break down the burpee into bite size pieces – work on mastering it – then getting better, fitter, stronger, faster!

Modifications are offered throughout – as I really empower ANYONE & EVERYONE to get up and burpee with us!

The 21 Day BURPEE Challenge is an amazing tool to use with your crew! 

Use it to connect with your audience.  Engage, inspire & motivate them.  Do something FUN with them.  And get YOUR NAME infront of them as much as possible!  Especially this time of year!  You want to be out there.  And this challenge is the perfect tool to use.

It’s all white label & done for you.  Everything you need to host this challenge is already done.  From the pre-launch marketing posts (to generate the buzz on your upcoming challenge) … to the 21 day workout calendar, to the daily posts and more!  

It’s all here for you.  Simply drop in your own logo – you have the option to easily adjust any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand – then share away!

You can sell the challenge – or offer it for free.  Up to you.  You can even use it to lead into a full fitness program.  That’s actually how I design these challenges, so you’ll see that in the last few posts.  It leads right into the next SALE for you 😉  Easy cash in your pocket!

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And with that, we’re already 1/2 way done the 12 Days of White Label FITmas Deal Party! Keep checking in each day … there’s lots more coming!

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