Asymmetry Focus: Your White Label Resources for the Week are here …

Your white label weekly resources are here!  It’s been a whole week focusing on Asymmetry in all our content posts – and today we’re going to tie it all together …

In this Newsletter:

💗 The White Label Workout of the Week:  Asymmetrical Upper & Core Focus

💗 The White Label Exercise Explainer of the Week:  Alternating Isometric Lateral Raise

💗 Trainer Tip:  Unilateral vs. Asymmetrical Training – Digging in to the Distinctions

💗 The COUNTDOWN is ON to our newest FULL WORKOUT PROGRAM LAUNCH!!  The Healthy 7 System, White Label Workout program is launching March 4!

🚀 Let’s kick things off with our White Label Workout of the Week 💪🏻

This week, we’re diving into the world of asymmetrical moves, where we’ll be targeting different sides of the body while giving our core and stabilizers a serious challenge!

Here’s the rundown: 5 dynamic moves, 10 reps each, with the option to repeat the circuit 3-5 times. And guess what? You’ll need your trusty dumbbells for this one.

Quick heads up: when we say 10 reps each, it’s 10 reps on the right AND left sides. Since some moves are unilateral, make sure you hit both sides evenly. And for those alternating moves, count each right AND left as one rep. Got it? Let’s dive in!

🏋️‍♂️ Moves for the Week:

  • Alternating Lateral Raise
  • Single Leg Hinge & Row
  • Walking SeeSaw Hammers
  • Bird Dog Crunch
  • C-Sit Bow & Arrow

📹 Check out the video to see these moves in action!

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🏋 The White Label Exercise Explainer of the Week:  Alternating Isometric Lateral Raise

In keeping with our theme this week of Asymmetrical training, this is truly one of my faves!   We’re combining together a strong isometric hold, with single arm lateral raises.  Burning & sculpting the delts & shoulders in such a fun way!

🎥  Check out the video for more tips on how to best do this move:

I made a whole post about this move earlier this week .. check it out and grab your editable Canva links to brand this exercise explainer to you and your business (yes – it’s another free resource for you to use!). See the full post here >

👉 Unilateral vs asymmetrical training – Are they the same thing?

For my #TrainerTip article this week, I kept with the asymmetry theme again, and I dove into the difference between Unilateral & Asymmetrical training.  

Are they the same thing?  

Some coaches say they are.  But I wanted to dive deeper and really help get clear on the key difference between the 2 types of training.  Understanding this key difference, and using it in your programming, will make a big difference in how you train with these protocols.

Check out the blog post here >

🎉🥳 The COUNTDOWN in ON to our Newest FULL PROGRAM LAUNCH!! 🥳 🎉

GET EXCITED!!  Oh my goodness I’m SO excited to share this – It’s hard for me to even be typing this right now …

Coming soon!!  The Healthy 7 System – White Label Workout Program – is launching March 4th and I couldn’t be more excited!!

I haven’t released a BRAND NEW program in over a year!!  WOWZERS!!  I have been BURSTING to create new content for you!!!

Yes – I released a lot of programs in 2023, but they were updates of ‘older content’ that needed some fresh new love.  Now, I’m back in the studio creating ALL NEW, FULL LENGTH video workout program content – and it is so awesome!!

(note – my workout programs are very different than the white label workouts of the week that you get each week here – as the programs are just that-  they are FULL programs, with FULL LENGTH workout videos.  The weekly workouts are just clips, or summaries, of workouts)

The concept behind the HEALTHY 7 SYSTEM is it’s a BLOCK program.  There are 7 HEALTHY HABIT blocks – and you as the coach can tailor the perfect program for exactly what your client needs.

You can have your clients going through the complete 7 week, 7 habit program … OR … tailor the content specifically to them – so you can pick and choose the habits that they need to work on most.  I even provide you with a quiz to help you figure what habits they need some extra love working on.

The 7  Healthy Habit Blocks are:

  • Week 1 – 7 min daily YOGA practice 
  • Week 2 – Cut the sugar / clean eating
  • Week 3 – 7×7 Strength
  • Week 4 – Hydration challenge
  • Week 5 – Mindfulness course
  • Week 6 – 10,000 step challenge
  • Week 7 – Sleep course

Again –  you as the coach can either have your clients going through the full 7 week program, OR – simply send them the habits you feel they need most.

Included in the program are:

  • 7 Yoga Sessions
  • 7 Strength Workouts
  • 5 Healthy Habit Challenges / Course PDF’s
  • Success Trackers & Guides
  • A SUPER COOL Habit QUIZ to use as a lead magnet (and to help you determine their needs)
  • Pre-launch Marketing Materials
  • And so much more!!.

All materials are white label! Make them your own and SELLLLLLLL !!! YES – this program is designed for you to SELLLL and make huge profits from!! Money in YOUR pocket 🥰

Stay tuned – I’m currently in the studio building this program … and I CANNOT wait to bring it to you.  Get EXCITED for the Launch Date – March 4!!


Submit a contact form and I’ll add you to the notify list BEFORE the launch date! (There may even be a special coupon code for pre-launch😜)

That’s it from me for today. Please let me know if you have any questions – or if there’s anything I can do to help you ROCK your fitness business. I’m here for YOU – in service to YOUR success. Reach out anytime …

xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist

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