It is time to PLAY WITH PLANKS 🙂  In this challenge, we’re doing 3 things …

  1. We’re gradually building and getting stronger in a static plank by adding on more time each day.  NOTE – this is based on the individual’s time – not a set time for everyone.  On Monday they get a baseline time for their personal plank – so ANYONE, no matter what level, WILL feel successful through this challenge!
  2. Each day we’re working on different variations of planks.  We’re keeping it fresh, fun and exciting!
  3. We’re helping to build social media engagement.

I’ve created everything you need to share this challenge with your prospects & clients, or to post on your social media channels.   Included are daily plank variations, images, videos, and even 26 days of content posts to go with them! You’re welcome to use this content however works best for you – you can sell it, or give it away free.  You can post it publicly on your social media channels, or within a closed group.  Whatever works for you.  Everything is fully editable so you can use it as is, OR make it your own.


Build Trust, Engagement & Community with the White Label 21 Day PLANKChallenge!

  •  21 Day editable workout calendar
  •  21 days of posts walking you through the full challenge
  •  21 editable workout videos
  •  Marketing posts and images to help you build the buzz about your challenge

It’s all DONE FOR YOU and Ready to Start Building Engagement!