Balancing EMOM … and ALL Your White Label Resources of the Week

All your White Label Weekly Resources are up – these are FREE RESOURCES for you to use in your coaching business.  Our theme this week is on balance and time!  We’re diving into this topic for our workouts, and also for our businesses …

In this newsletter:

⚖️  Ro’s Trainer Tip of the Week: Balancing Time & Energy as a Fitness Entrepreneur

💪🏻  The White Label EXERCISE EXPLAINER of the Week:  Lateral Hop & Jump

⏰  The White Label WORKOUT of the Week:  Balancing EMOM

🖥️  Upcoming Program announcement

⚖️ Ro’s Trainer Tip of the Week:  Balancing Your Time & Energy as an Online Fitness Entrepreneur

⚖️ As a fitness coach, when I talk about balance we primarily think of balance through the body.  Feeling grounded through the feet, zipping up the core and lengthening to the ceiling.  

However – in my tip this week I wanted to focus on balance in our businesses.  Balancing our time & energy to maximize our effort, efficiency, and awesomeness.

I wrote a whole post on this topic where I dove into my top 6 tips on time management, as well as 5 other tips on maintaining balance & energy in your business.  

If you struggle with all the different hats that we need to wear as an entrepreneur, then I highly recommend you have a read of this post.  I hope it’s helpful 🙂

🔗 Read the full post on Balancing Time & Energy in Business here >

💪🏻 Your White Label EXERCISE EXPLAINER of the Week:  Lateral Jump & Hop

Let’s put TIME and BALANCE to the test in the Lateral Jump & Hop exercise.

As we lead to one side, we then catch our balance and shift directions to jump UP … then repeat to the other side. Challenging our balance.  Playing with agility & coordination.

Check out the video to learn more …

Challenge your clients to keep moving through this move for 1 minute.  Too easy?  How about 3 minutes?  Or 5?

⚡ReBrand & ReShare this Exercise Explainer …

This is another white label resource that I’ve created for you.  I have editable files in image & video – both horizontal AND vertical for you to use.

🔗  Learn more & grab your links to the White Label Lateral Jump & Hop here > 

Love these explainers and want MORE??  I create 12 new explainers every single month, and share them with my #Fitspiration Monthly Content Club.  Learn more about the #Fitspiration Monthly Content Club here > 

⏰ Using Time & Balance in our Workout of the Week:  Balancing EMOM

There is no better workout for time than an EMOM!!  It stands for Every Minute on the Minute and this is one of my absolute favorite protocols!!

Here’s how it works:

⏰Set your timer for a chosen workout time.  For this workout, beginners are 5 minutes, intermediate is 10 minutes, advanced is 20 minutes.

⏰Every minute on the minute, so everytime your clock gets back to :00, you start the session again.  If you move fast, you’ll earn a break after each round waiting for the :00.  If you take your time in your moves, you won’t get a break.

⏰There are 3 moves to get through each minute:

  • Lateral Jump & Hop
  • Beast Walks
  • Triceps Dip & Reach

⏰Complete 8 reps of each move

⏰Every Minute on the Minute you’ll start again for either 5, 10 or 20 minutes (depending on your fitness level)

Check out the video to see the moves in action …

⚡ReBrand & ReShare this workout to your crew …

I created this workout as a White Label Resource to share with other coaches.  To help give YOU a content boost in your business.

The links below will take you to Canva – where you can drop in your own logo, easily adjust any fonts, colors & styling to match your brand – then download and share!

🔗  Click to edit & download the Balancing EMOM in HORIZONTAL video >

🔗  Click to edit & download the Balancing EMOM in VERTICAL video >

YES!  This is a FREE resource!!  Coach, if you’re seeing this, YOU are welcome to use this content in your business – and I truly hope it’s helpful.  Since it’s ME in the video, simply say that I’m on YOUR team.  We collaborate & work together.  All the cool kids are in collabs right now.  So we’re super cool besties 🙂

If you use this workout, I’d love to hear how it goes with your crew!  Message me anytime!  I love hearing from you …

A SNEAK PEEK at NEW PROGRAMS Currently in Development

All this balance talk is actually head’s up of something EXCITING that is brewing at the White Label Workouts Studio!!

I’m currently working on 2 new items for you … both focused on balance!  And I’m bringing in an exciting TOOL to help. 


Pack #15 in the #Fitspiration Content Club is in development – and is all about balance on the BOSU.  12 exercises & 8 new workouts are included … yup all bosu!!

AND!!!  Because I’m having SO MUCH FUN creating the workout clips for the #Fitspiration Club, I also wanted to do FULL LENGTH workouts on the Bosu!

SOOOOO … I’m super excited to announce I’m launching a FULL White Label Workout program, with full length, follow along workout videos – and it’s called appropriately “BOSU BALANCE”.

The White Label BOSU BALANCE workout program is launching End of April!!

Who’s excited??  Oh my word I sure am!!!!!  This program is more awesome than I can even say!!!  Can’t wait to share it with you!!

Interesting Fact – do you know what BOSU stands for?  

Take a guess …




I’ll wait ….





BOSU actually stands for BOth Sides Up.  

And we are going to be rocking BOTH sides of that ball in BOSU BALANCE – in my signature super fun, empowering, and crazy energy way.

Okie … that’s what I have to share for this week.  LOTS going on (as usual) around here.  I LOVE creating for you.  I LOVE creating new workouts and resources for YOU to use in your business.  To make online coaching faster, easier, funner (yup I’m making it a word!) and more profitable for you!  

If there’s ever any special requests, feedback, questions, comments – I’m ALWAYS here for you.  Please reach out anytime!!  Even just to chat.  Or to strategize for your business.  I’m here in service to you.  To help you.  I’m on your team.  My door is open for you – always 🙂

Much love,

Xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist

Founder & CEO,