Your White Label Workout of the Week is here – #3 in our Booty series …

It’s WOW day!  Here’s your 3rd installment in our White Label BOOTY Workout series.  Today we’re in BUILDING mode.  Have your crew bring some heavy weights and let’s rock this session …

This week’s workout is called BUTT BUILD! 

Check out the video to see this workout in action …

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HOW to use these videos?

If you’re seeing this, you’re welcome to use these videos in your business.  The weekly workout (WOW) is my gift to you – my coach friends!  You can share these, branded as your own, on your website, blog, social media, an app with clients, or however else suits your business.

HOW to explain that it’s ME in the video and not you?

Simple – you say that I’m a member on your team – and we collaborate to create these workouts.  Throughout all my programs and videos, I say that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team – so it all flows and makes sense.  AND builds instant credibility for YOU in having a team and collabs.

HOW to monetize your business from these videos?

There’s an editable screen at the end of the workout in these videos.  You are welcome to put whatever you’d like on this screen.  Do you have a current program or service you’re promoting?  Feel free to put the info on this screen.  You can share or say whatever you’d like in that space.  

Don’t yet have any online fitness programs that you’re selling to your crew?  I am happy to help with that.  I offer a full suite of online fitness programs that will help you quickly and easily earn income from these videos.  This BOOTY series is designed perfectly to flow right into my full 6 week White Label BOOTY workout program …  OR … you’re welcome to check out the full library of programs here >

Any other questions on HOW to use these WOWs .. Any feedback or special requests?  Reach out anytime!  Reply to this email and let’s chat.  I love hearing from you – and I LOVE to chat 🙂  My door is always open for you.

Let’s ROCK IT into this new week … and make THIS the most profitable and successful week yet in your business!

I’m here for you – anything you need.

Much love,

Ro 🙂