Retain your Clients and Keep Them Engaged with our White Label Client Support Materials

Be a ROCKSTAR Coach using these Tools with your Clients …

  • Healthy Habit Guide
  • Fit Test Guide
  • Exercise Library
  • Client Goal Setting Forms
  • Client Part-Q Form
  • And so much more – new awesome stuff being added often!

What Client Support Materials Can we Help you with Today …

Healthy Habit Guide & Tracking

Want to really help your clients see improvements in their lives?  It comes from their daily habits!  

It’s not just workouts that produce results – it’s all the other habits from drinking water, getting enough rest, working on a positive mindset, and more.  It’s all in the Healthy Habit Guide – and it’s all done for YOU – ready for you to share! Simply add your name and logo!

Fit Test Guide & Tracking

People LOVE seeing progress!!  Progress shows that all the hard work and effort are paying off!  

Help your clients clearly see how far they’ve come (and perhaps what they still need to work on!) by providing them with this FIT TEST guide.  Encourage them to test at the start of the program, and again periodically. Included are 11 tests – to test body composition, strength, power, endurance and flexibility!

The EPIC Exercise Library

Fitness pros need exercises.  They’re our tools – the building blocks of our business. The more exercises we have … and the better we can clearly demonstrate those exercises to our clients … the more valuable we become.

This EPIC library comes with 125 White Label … Unique & Editable Exercise ‘How-To’ Templates. Edit away to make them your own – or simply use as is – just add your own branding.

PLUS!! BONUS!! Get 115 VIDEOS as well!

All this for only $99!!

New Client, Goals, and Check-In Forms

The KEY to retaining clients? Help them get results and work towards their goals! Help them celebrate their wins. Help them tweak when necessary. Cheer them on every step of the way!

Seem like a lot of work? It’s actually quite simple – when you have a system that asks the questions and tracks it all for you!

That’s EXACTLY what these forms will do for you! Keep your clients longer – by helping them SEE their goals – and make them a reality. Help THEM get what THEY want.

These forms are in Google DOCS and fully EDITABLE so you can use as is – or make them your own.

Do you have suggestions for other materials that would be helpful in your business? Email us and we’ll happily create it for you …