Day 12 Deal: The BIG ONE! The Full Fitness Business Blueprint 🎉

Here’s the one so many have been waiting for!  It’s day 12 – our FINAL DAY – so this one has to be BIG!  I’m so excited to share this one with you …  

I’ve packed as much value as I possibly could into today’s deal – to make this an absolute no-brainer for anyone who is looking to massively explode their online fitness business in 2024.  I’ve never offered a deal THIS GOOD before, so grab it while you can.  You’ve got 24 hours!

To celebrate the final day of the 12 Days of white label FITmas Deals Party – it’s the FULL FITNESS BUSINESS BLUEPRINT … PLUS TONS of extra FREE goodies!! 💥🥳🎉

OK – I’ve got a LOT to share to explain this package … so please keep reading, and email me with any questions at all!

For starters … the DAILY DEAL is the Fitness Business Blueprint – ON SALE 25% off!

This is our TOP SELLER – absolute BEST VALUE package as it bundles together pretty much everything!  All the content from the past 11 days of deals is included in the Blueprint PLUS so much more … 

  • MONTHS (if not years!) worth of social media content to ATTRACT your ideal client
  • 12 White Label FITNESS CHALLENGES to ENGAGE, build authority & credibility with your tribe.  These challenges are used to make connections and build community, as well as lead magnets to walk people through your sales funnel.
  • 12 white label workout programs to SELL to your crew.  To put PROFITS in your POCKET – quickly & easily.  And to help your clients get results – and keep coming back for more!

Through offering ON DEMAND online workout videos, we’re now talking about YOU being able to SCALE your fitness business bigger, better, faster than you ever dreamed possible.  It’s all here and ready for you to simply add your branding and PROFIT from it!

The full Fitness Business Blueprint has a value of $7,959 … and typically sells on my website for  only $1,999.  Already that’s an amazing deal!

But it’s FITmas🎄 – so you know I’m going to do something crazy 🎉

TODAY’s Daily DEAL I’m going to discount that an additional 25% … PLUS ADD IN EVEN MORE VALUE 🤯

✅ FREEBIE BONUS #1: Personalized to YOU intro video

What does that mean?  Well – So often I get coaches asking me for a way to tie us both together.  We always say that I’m the Online Fitness Specialist on YOUR team … but what if you had a video of me saying that?  AND – I even say YOUR name, your business name , your catch phrase, and speak directly to YOUR client.  THAT is how we tie this whole thing together.  

For TODAY ONLY – all Blueprint orders will get a FREE intro video from me – where I’ll mention you, your business, and other info you’d like me to say that ties us both together.  This has a value of $100 – and it’s yours FREE – today only.


There are 2 BRAND NEW white label workout programs currently in development for 2024.  Blueprint orders that are placed TODAY, get FIRST ACCESS to these programs as they’re released … FOR FREE!!

✅ FREEBIE BONUS #2: Healthy 7 (scheduled for release in Q1 of 2024)

This is a program that is so on point with the fitness trends right now … it’s strength training combined with yoga and healthy habits that go beyond workouts.  This program is designed for EVERYONE.  From the busy mom – to the traveling executives.  It’s quick, engaging and results driven!

7 minutes of daily strength training.  7 minutes of daily yoga..  7 simple habits.  It’s Healthy 7 and it’s yours FREE, with FIRST ACCESS, for Blueprint orders placed TODAY.

Official pricing for Healthy 7 is still TBD, but I’m thinking it’s going to be around $297 to fit in line with our other white label workout programs.  For today’s Blueprint purchases .. Healthy 7 will be added into your account FOR FREE – Before it’s released to everyone else!!

LAST, but certainly not least:

✅ FREEBIE BONUS #3: MIND & BODY (scheduled for release in Q2 of 2024)

This is a CUTTING EDGE program where I’ve teamed up with a mindset expert.  Together, we’re bringing both white label workouts AND white label mindset videos to AMPLIFY results!!  The value and pure awesomeness in this program is like nothing I’ve ever shared before.  THIS is going to really shake things up!!

I am SO insanely excited to bring you MIND & BODY.  I’m clear what it’s going to do for all your businesses – for your clients – for the positive change we’re going to make TOGETHER in this world.   We’re changing lives.  

Pricing for MIND & BODY is going to be around $497 on the store.  But you guessed it, if you’ve read to this point.  It’s going to be added into your account FOR FREE – for Blueprint purchases made TODAY!   

Together, these 3 bonuses are worth $900!  And you’ll get them FREE with your Blueprint order.  TODAY ONLY.

A question that I know I’m going to get – so I’ll just answer it here for you 🙂


I’ve got you!  To all who have purchased content throughout the Deal Party, but want to now upgrade and get the full Blueprint … I’ve got a special deal for you.  YES the content you got earlier in the week IS included in the blueprint – because the Blueprint is the EVERYTHING included, best value package.  

Because of that, Email me at  I have a SPECIAL COUPON CODE for you, that will deduct what you’ve already spent from the blueprint price.  Let me know which deal you ordered, and I’ll send you a code to use to save that amount on your Blueprint order.  TODAY ONLY.  

My hope today is to make this an absolute no-brainer for everyone to say YES to the Blueprint. YES to teaming up and working together. YES to making 2024 their BIGGEST year EVER in their business. If there’s anything I can do to make this decision easier for you – Reach out. I’m here to help!

Learn more & Grab your FItness Business Blueprint TODAY – at 25% off – and get the $900 in EXTRA bonuses.

This is on for 24 hours ONLY.  You have until midnight EST TONIGHT 

Phew – ok can you tell I’m excited??!!  

I’m just so clear on what we’re doing here.  I’m so clear on how we’re helping coaches build businesses bigger and faster than they ever thought they could on their own.  We’re supporting coaches.  We’re helping coaches earn incredible incomes for their families.  And we’re getting fitness & health into more lives- around the world.  

We’re making a difference in health and in the wealth of so many – and it truly brings me such joy knowing we’ve got this system working.

From the bottom of my heart – thank you for being a part of this mission.  Thank you for being here.  Thank you for partying with me in the FITmas Deals Party!  This has been so fun – and I’m so excited to support you, and be your craziest, loudest cheerleader through 2024.  I see BIG things for you this coming year.  HUGE business growth is coming your way.  Now’s the time.  Let’s do this!

I’m here for you ANYTIME.  Questions?  Comments?  Feedback?  Please reach out.  I LOVE to chat, and help every step of the way.  

To your success – let’s do it, together …

Wishing you & your family a very Merry Christmas,

Xoxo ~ Ro ~ Your Online Fitness Specialist